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Amniotic Band

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TNN1510 Mon 05-Feb-18 17:22:20

Hi everyone
I just had my 20 week scan and the sonographer explained that there was a clear amniotic band ( not a sheet). I had a private scan at 17 weeks and they saw the same thing but said to make sure they look at it at the 20 week scan. He said that it was quite common and not to worry about it. At the moment the limbs are all freely moving.

I asked whether they'd give me more scans to make sure that the band hasn't snapped and wrapped itself around any limbs. However he said it wasn't NHS process to follow up any further....

I'm not convinced after reading about other people's experiences online. I'm worried that it could snap and we'd never know as technically that's it for scans now!!! What do you all think?
Has anyone else heard about this on the nhs? I'm really worried blush

Hulaballoo Mon 05-Feb-18 17:31:36

Never heard of this before, hoping someone can help... Interested. Hope you're OK, I'm hoping that if it was serious the NHS would check up and you'd get another scan ... Perhaps call maternity and get a second opinion to see if it's possible? X

TNN1510 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:02:47

I'm going to call the midwife in the morning as the more I read ( and I know doctor google isn't your friend) the more concerned I am that they'll just leave me for another 20 weeks !!!

Addy2 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:46:38

Having had a cursory Google, I reckon the NHS people told you the truth. Even in countries with private medical care, they're only likely to do surgery to save a major organ, the umbilical cord or if the band is around the neck. I imagine the NHS doesn't do it at all, given that the surgery is apparently deemed very risky, what they offer on the NHS is determined through cost - benefit analysis and there have been a lot of NHS cuts of late. They may well not do extra monitoring any more. Let us know what you find out when you call. Try not to worry unduly. Hopefully someone will be along soon who has more knowledge than I. flowers

boodles101 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:57:45

My friend had this recently and she had extra scans to check everything was ok. I'm not exactly sure how many but she maybe had 1 or 2 more during the third trimester. Her baby wasn't affected by the band at all and he was born healthy in September. Definitely speak to your midwife about it but I'm sure they will keep an eye on you. X

TNN1510 Sun 11-Feb-18 19:10:44

Hi all,

Thought I'd update you all!

Spoke to my midwife the next day who put me in contact with a specialist fetal clinic.
The clinic and a consultant reviewed the ultrasound of our baby and decided that as all her limbs are freely moving and that she isn't in any danger

However , as I'm anxious they agreed to rescan in four weeks time to make sure the band hasn't wrapped itself around anything.
They said that most of the major problems that happen with amniotic bands occur within the first 12 weeks and we're 21 weeks now.

Really happy that they agreed to look at her again as I can't go 20 weeks without them checking. We might pay for a further private scan around 30 weeks to just triple check otherwise I might go mad with worry!
Thanks for all the responses guys

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