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Anyone up? Think im going i to labour

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MotherOfDragons22 Mon 29-Jan-18 23:42:46

38+5 weeks and have had a bloody show and am currently having fairly strong pains in my back and under bump keeping me up. No real pattern yet.

SnowGoArea Mon 29-Jan-18 23:45:20

Eek, how exciting! Have you got a plan? All the best smileflowers

DramaAlpaca Mon 29-Jan-18 23:46:13

Ooh exciting! Good luck smile

MotherOfDragons22 Mon 29-Jan-18 23:47:03

Crap a birth plan! I knew there was something..this is my third though so Im not completely in the dark i guess..x

BigBaboonBum Mon 29-Jan-18 23:48:15

Good luck!! Exciting!! I never had a birth plan with either of mine tbh! Just as the wind blows smile flowers

PinkBlueYellow Mon 29-Jan-18 23:50:08

I didn't have a plan either. Baby exiting post haste was enough for me.

Good luck!

MollyHuaCha Mon 29-Jan-18 23:51:41

Good luck. Can't wait to hear about the arrival of your LO. smile

DramaAlpaca Mon 29-Jan-18 23:52:21

I didn't have one with my third, just went with the flow. You know what you're doing, you'll be fine.

HeelsHurt Tue 30-Jan-18 00:09:40

Good luck! Hope it’s quick and uneventful.

2018SoFarSoGreat Tue 30-Jan-18 00:17:01

hope baby is here already OP - be sure to update us!

Mrstobe90 Tue 30-Jan-18 00:39:19

Good luck!! :D

Keep us posted xxxx

MotherOfDragons22 Tue 30-Jan-18 02:53:05

Seems to have slowed down. Drat.

SnowGoArea Tue 30-Jan-18 14:10:11

How are you doing today? Was it one of those nights of no sleep because you think baby is imminent, then a no show and a day to have to get through, totally exhausted?

Princess9891 Fri 09-Feb-18 07:00:34

Yep! She arrived at 39+6 in the end so still early considering my other 2 went a week over!

Burstingwithlife Fri 09-Feb-18 07:07:19

Don’t be fooled op. You could have already dilated a fair bit without actually knowing. When you get going again it could be quick. This happened to me. How exciting. I’m 34 weeks do still have a bit to go! Best of luck

Mrstobe90 Fri 09-Feb-18 07:16:54

Congratulations!! xx

MollyHuaCha Fri 09-Feb-18 10:16:29

Aww, lovely. Beautiful baby. Congratulations! bear

unicorncow Fri 09-Feb-18 10:55:34

Congratulations, she's beautiful xx

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