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25th July 2018 baby's

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toxitears181 Sun 28-Jan-18 16:27:57

14 weeks and four days today. Can't wait to meet my lil boy or girl. When's everyone due in July? Would love to chat and make some new mommy friends 😊😊

GemmaLL Sun 28-Jan-18 16:43:52

Hi! smile I'm due 29th July with my first baby. How's it going for you so far?

Stacy07 Sun 28-Jan-18 17:05:54

I am due 17th of July with my 2nd child, DS is now 7 so a big gap and this is my DPs first baby x

hannknitted Sun 28-Jan-18 17:47:56

27th July for me - first baby smile

OliveRoo88 Sun 28-Jan-18 18:11:32

Hello 👋,
This is my first post (been meaning to join an ante-natal club post for a while) I'm due 27th July! It's our first baby! Very excited but scared at the same time! How have you all been feeling? My morning sickness is still really bad.

Tweetypie95 Sun 28-Jan-18 21:26:31

Hello! I'm due on the 26th July with baby number 1! So enjoying all the new experiences. How's pregnancy been going for you? smile


Windowgazer123 Sun 28-Jan-18 23:34:37

1st baby is due July 24th. Feeling very excited, I had an early test so I know the sex.. which has made it all the more real.
For those expecting their first, have you bought anything yet?
Im reading up on cots etc. But I don't know if it's more sensible to wait until the 20wk scan.

Anyone got a bump yet?

toxitears181 Mon 29-Jan-18 13:54:10

@Windowgazer123 I have brought so much stuff and have a lil bump 😍 can't wait either as this will be my first baby xx

0310Star Mon 29-Jan-18 13:57:12

I'm due 17th July with our first. Had a horrible time so far unfortunately and hoping things start looking up hmm I'm also pretty huge already and very obviously pregnant!

We're waiting until 20 weeks scan to buy things, we figured it's a good bench mark and we will also then be able to buy either girl or boy bits! Scan booked for 28th Feb so only a few more weeks to go!!

toxitears181 Mon 29-Jan-18 13:59:04

@GemmaLL my first baby too! 😊😊 it's going well st the mo I've been told I'm one of the lucky ones with no morning sickness 🙈xx

Tweetypie95 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:46:17

Thats great @toxitears I've been the same! Much to other peoples disgrace! ha. I feel so lucky.

@Windowgazer Thats crazy that you already know! I think it will make it feel so much more real once we know. It was great seeing little one at the 12 week scan but will be able to visualise better when we know the sex. We're very excited.

I feel I have an awkward little bump right now. The day after my scan it's like my body realised there was an actual little human in there and my stomach popped. (Near the top, I already had a little pooch at the bottom) Nobody else can tell though I don't think. Could just be mistaken for bloat... although when I look down its very round.

I'm only little. 5ft to be exact ... everyone just loves to tell me I'm going to be huge. Always nice to hear!

Hope you start feeling better soon 0310Star !

0310Star Mon 29-Jan-18 15:51:26

Thank you @Tweetypie95
I'm also short, 5ft2, and I'm pretty sure il resemble a small whale by the end if my current bump is anything to go by grin

toxitears181 Mon 29-Jan-18 16:25:30

@Tweetypie95 I know I feel so lucky some days I think oh my god am I really pregnant ?! It was amazing to see baba on 12 week scan now patiently waiting for 20 week scan to find out the gender in march 😊😊

Smilingthru Mon 29-Jan-18 18:04:49

27th July with DC2! DD is only 22months so a smallish age gap! Luckily we have everything from her but need a new cot etc as DD is still using hers and a breast pump as my old one died due to a vase of flowers falling on it!!! Won't buy anything until much nearer the time. Congratulations everyone!! X

blueberrymuffin88 Mon 29-Jan-18 19:28:28

It's lovely to read about everybody's experiences! Had a name change (from OliveRoo88 btw). We haven't bought anything yet as we are waiting for 20 weeks scan. I'm quite superstitious and just found out today that we have a high risk of Downs (1:60) 😔 still good odds but obvs we are very worried so we'll be going for further tests. I haven't got a numb yet, I'm 14.3 weeks, but my abdomen feels quite hard and can't fasten any of my jeans! Time to buy maternity jeans I guess!
So pleased for everyone here and wish you all happy, healthy pregnancies!

blueberrymuffin88 Mon 29-Jan-18 19:29:32

bump not numb

Tinks15 Mon 29-Jan-18 19:29:44

Hi July mummies to be.
Im due 31st July & it will be DC2. DD is 2.5 will be 3 when baby arrives so nice age gap (and she can help grin) I have quite a bump already I swear I didn't have a bump this early with DD!
Finally (I hope anyway) over the morning sickness/feeling rough stage which seemed to of gone on forever - it was awful! Still feeling extemely tired though. I'm falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm every night at mo!

bathandpjs Mon 29-Jan-18 19:51:04

Helloooooo! I'm 25th July too!

Windowgazer123 Mon 29-Jan-18 23:07:18

@0310Star Hope you feel better soon.
I'm like you and not anything much anything yet. I feel nervous to for some reason. Hopefully after the 20 wk I will feel more confident.
I've already spent hours googling different cots - ones to put right on side of the bed etc. And different sleep baskets/ cocoon sleep aids and other stuff!
I have put the first local 'NCT nearly new' sale in the diary. I've been to some of those with friends before and they sometimes have brilliant stuff.

@blueberrymuffin88 I'm sorry to hear the result was higher than expected. I always find looking at it as percentage is helpful right? 1:160 equates to less than a 1% chance, its a 0.6% chance. That makes the 'high' risk actually seem like a very low one. But it's obviously stress you do not need.
Talk to us if you want about the tests etc.
But otherwise Good Luck. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Mothermnd Tue 30-Jan-18 09:49:53

Hi ladies! I'm due a bit earlier than all of you: due 10th of July and I've found out I'm having a girl! 💗 So excited beyond words. Also very anxious... this is my first child!

Tweetypie95 Tue 30-Jan-18 14:49:29

I swear I'm getting rounder by the day. Weirdly enjoying watching my body change. Never thought I'd say that!

@Windowgazer There is so much to research isn't there? My pregnancy brain can't handle it! My brain is 90% baby thoughts.

@Mothermnd That is so exciting, did you have any inkling or gut instinct about what you were having? Or any cliché symptoms? I swear every time I say something about how I feel I have someone saying "That means it's this or that!" haha.

Smilingthru Thu 01-Feb-18 06:22:32

With my first a colleague asked what I was having and I said I didn't know. She replied "of course u do! Mothers always know deep down!" I felt awful as I genuinely didn't know!!!

I've been having flutters since about 11 weeks but nothing for the last few days. But that's normal isn't it? We don't get regular patterns until later on??


Windowgazer123 Thu 01-Feb-18 20:34:50

@smilingthru I know lots of mothers who say they have no idea! I think some just have a 'sense' and their guess comes with a 50% chance of being correct.

I hope you aren't anxious about not feeling the flutters for a bit. I was told they come and go a lot until later on and there is no pattern. I think you are on your second.. I was told most first timers don't feel them till later anyway.

Does anyone else feel like time is going very very slowly. I downloaded the Sprout app where you can see a baby's growth week by week. I keep looking ahead!

For those on/around the 15 week mark here is a pic..

Tweetypie95 Fri 02-Feb-18 08:46:45

Haha I only ask as I literally have no idea and everyone keeps asking, the fact that it changes on a day to day basis I think proves I have no clue!!

I think it's going so slow now too! I thought the first went fairly quick for me being over Christmas! Now it feels like an Eternity since I got that positive and even longer until the end!

The best thing for me at the moment is my little bump, it seems to change everyday it's fascinating and when I wake up you can see which side baby is on before they slump back to the middle.

Rachel2018 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:02:44

Hello everyone, I am due on 25th July too! First baby! Very excited and nervous. I have heavy bloating everyday after lunch time, and my bump is so obvious like 5-6 months in the evening, and then go back to normal size for 15 weeks. Does anyone experience the same thing?

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