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HELP - 'leukorrhea' or amniotic fluid???

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L0ngg0ne Tue 23-Jan-18 23:04:07

Ok, this is really embarrassing and sorry if it's TMI, but I'm currently 23 weeks and during what feels like the majority of this pregnancy I've been having this thin, white, milky discharge that there seems to be a lot of!Sometimes I feel a little gush of it and it drips down my leg, and sometimes this happens when I cough or sneeze. It's definitely not urine because I've inspected it in terms of colour (white - not yellow) and where it's coming from (definitely the vagina - not the urethra). I wasn't worried at first, content that it was just 'leukorrhea', but recently I've gotten paranoid that it may be amniotic fluid? Thing is, on all of my scan notes it says 'amniotic fluid: normal'. Seeing as I've been having this discharge for the majority of the pregnancy, I imagine it would've been picked up on during scans as low levels of amniotic fluid if that were the case (I'm hoping)? The other day, I even went to the emergency obstetric unit at the hospital I'm registered with and, upon inspection, the midwives weren't concerned (that said, I wasn't really having much of the discharge that day). I'm really worried and was hoping that it's a common pregnancy symptom - indeed, 'leukorrhea'? Anyone else had this symptom in their pregnancy and gone on to deliver a healthy baby? I'm so terribly anxious about this!

mindutopia Wed 24-Jan-18 09:17:11

To me that just sounds like discharge. Leukorrkea is a specific type of discharge. It tends to be thicker and wouldn't drip down your legs, but it is white but tends to be more clumpy almost. But you have all sorts of discharge in pregnancy. I've had loads. Amniotic fluid is pretty obvious. It looks like water and has a sweet smell or sometime no smell at all. It would be unlikely you'd be leaking amniotic fluid for an extended period of time at 23 weeks though and not go into labour. My waters went with my first and it really is pretty obvious the difference when you see it. All that sounds normal though and you will see it increase as you get closer to term, so try to relax a bit and not worry.

L0ngg0ne Wed 24-Jan-18 11:30:08

@mindutopia I'm a little confused because I've been on various websites describing this 'leukorrhea' thing, and some describe it as 'thick' whilst others describe it as 'thin' - very odd! But it's reassuring to hear that it sounds like normal increased discharge during pregnancy, and that amniotic fluid is clear (rather than milky - which this is) - thank you!

Didntcomeheretofuckspiders Wed 24-Jan-18 11:38:12

Definitely discharge. I’m only 8 weeks and every time I vomit (which is a lot) I end up with it all down my legs 😂😩

If it was amniotic fluid it would be clear or straw coloured, not milky and would smell a bit like semen.

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