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SPNs Sat 20-Jan-18 14:48:16

Is it safe to continue having gels nails when pregnant? I’m five weeks?

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HandbagFan Sat 20-Jan-18 14:50:47


ReggaetonLente Sat 20-Jan-18 17:34:37

I have carried on, but I've requested to sit near a window or the door, just because of fumes from the acrylics being done elsewhere in the salon. That's what my 'what to expect' book advised.

SPNs Sat 20-Jan-18 18:12:09

Thanks Ladies, did you have the old ones soaked off in Acetone? Is that ok? Xx

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Puppymouse Sat 20-Jan-18 18:40:46

I had my nails throughout pregnancy and since having DD. Even managed to keep clear ones on during my elcs oops

April45 Sat 20-Jan-18 21:13:56

If your this worried about it why not stop having them??

raindropsandsunshine Sat 20-Jan-18 21:19:57

Just be aware that if you have the gel polish, the setting matching can feel like it's bringing. There are extra sensitivities when pregnant, sometimes it feels like burning you'll need to take your fingers out then put them back, and it'll be fine.


MrsPicklesonSmythe Sat 20-Jan-18 21:30:44

Perfectly safe.

sausagerollsrock Sat 20-Jan-18 21:36:11

Absolutely fine. I’m a beauty therapist and in constant contact with nail products and acetone.
Only beauty thing to avoid is aromatherapy oils.

SPNs Sat 20-Jan-18 22:04:03

I work outside with animals and my nails always break and get weak due to weather conditions etc, randomly gels actually protect them! I have always had them, and I’d have to get them taken off somehow even if I decided not to have them anymore, I was just wondering what everyone does as I’ve had two miscarriages prior to this one and don’t want to do anything ‘wrong’ x

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SPNs Sat 20-Jan-18 22:15:42

Thank you so much @sausagerollsrock - I did ask in the salon but the lovely staff are Vietnamese and I’m not sure they completely understood what I was asking them!!! It’s opi gel so am assuming it doesn’t contain any dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, toluene and formaldehyde? X

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snowy1982 Sun 21-Jan-18 07:37:42

I have been having the exact same worries @SPNs. I got pregnant via IUI and asked the midwife (how did the treatments) when I was about to have my last (successful smile) treatment if it was ok and she said as long as i’m not sniffing a bottle of acetone i’d be ok. Saying that now I am pregnant I am still worried about it and my nails need removed and have put off booking in. I have seen numerous other pregnant women in the salon getting them done and with what the midwife says (and the above poster who is a beauty therapist) I think I might just go ahead and try to get booked in

SPNs Sun 21-Jan-18 09:49:52

@snowy1982 I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has doubts, the owner of the salon told me his wife worked there all the way through both her pregnancy and she was fine, they have two healthy boys! I’ve just never seen other pregnant woman in their before! My best friend carried on having hers done all the way through both of her pregnancies and her boys are fine too. I guess because of the miscarriages I’ve already had it’s making me more nervous-my midwife told me it would be fine too so I think I’m just going to carry on having them done, I usually go once every two/three weeks so will try and push for three week intervals so as not to over do it!!! Sx

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sausagerollsrock Mon 22-Jan-18 00:46:28

I understand your worry, I’ve had a miscarriage.
To check ingredients to specific products a quick google should tell you.
When I remove gels for clients I use cotton discs and foil. I saturate the cotton and apply to the nail with my bare hands. I do a lot of nails. So spend a lot of time in acetone.
Admittedly, eveytime I use something new at work I consider the associated risks.
Please bare in mind though that it’s very rare to have a miscarriage that has been caused due to an external factor.
Enjoy having your nails done while you can freely. I have clients bring their children to the salon and its quite stressful for them. smile

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