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support belt recommendations

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Maincat Tue 16-Jan-18 08:20:13

Hello, I am suffering with lower back/butt pain akin to sciatica (though I'm not sure exactly what it is) and I'm looking for any support belt recommendations? At times it feels like that side is going to give way and stairs are very tricky. Only 18w and will see the GP but I need something to help in the meantime!


Vanannabananna Tue 16-Jan-18 08:23:06

I had this one last time

I’ve also hear heard good things about the serola support belt.

You have my up most sympathy. Mine is just coming back at 28 weeks with DD and it’s horrible.

Vanannabananna Tue 16-Jan-18 08:24:28

scaredofthecity Tue 16-Jan-18 08:25:44

sounds like SI joint pain, it's shit sorry.
I really recommend the serola, it's expensive but it's really helped me.

Maincat Tue 16-Jan-18 08:37:20

Thank you! I will look into both kinds. I think it definitely is SI joint issues so maybe the serola is a good option.

Ekphrasis Tue 16-Jan-18 08:45:14

I have the serola and really recommend it outside pregnancy; my current issue is that my derrière has got too big for it blush. So I may need to get a larger one or try a pregnancy specific one.

It's a tad uncomfortable on the lower part of my bump but I've had a previous cs and everyone is different.

I wear it a lot for traveling or days I have to sit for long periods to work and did so for 3 years before this pregnancy due to bad si issues so it's worth it.

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