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Feeling movements at 13 weeks

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Ihatemarmite123 Sat 13-Jan-18 22:12:42

Is it too early to feel baby kick at 13 weeks.

I'm 13+2 by my scan 14 by my dates.

Every now and then I feel a tiny tap, surely it's too early. The placenta is at the back. With first baby it was at the front so didn't feel much until about 18 weeks.

Megs4x3 Sat 13-Jan-18 22:17:04

You often feel baby moving earlier for 2nd babies. If you felt baby 1 at 18 weeks, baby 2 a month or so earlier doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Congratulations!

Moussemoose Sat 13-Jan-18 22:17:48

I did!

With ds2 - he was manic as a baby. A climber as a toddler and kept me fit chasing him when got older.

He is lovely, sweet, precocious and funny. And bloody hard work.

Good luck!

Ihatemarmite123 Sat 13-Jan-18 22:19:43

I thought it might be wind but there's nothing coming out lol

hattiehollow Sat 13-Jan-18 22:29:10

Congratulations! I remember feeling it around that time in my first pregnancy and putting it down to gas as I didn’t recognise the sensation. But as the weeks went on, it it became obvious that it wasn't wind, but the baby moving. Second pregnancy and I was obviously looking out for it.

GreenTulips Sat 13-Jan-18 22:31:37

I felt kicks at 12 weeks - little tiny taps!


Ihatemarmite123 Sat 13-Jan-18 22:34:54

Great smile thankyou.

On the 12 week scan the babies legs looked very long and feet were quite big!

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