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Nervous about NCT classes

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novaclover Sat 13-Jan-18 19:45:46

I have two NCT signature classes booked coming up soon and I'm suddenly really nervous at the prospect! blush I'm worried that I'll be the youngest there and that I won't be able to make friends with the other parents as easily.

Could anyone share their experiences (good or bad!) with NCT classes?

Vap0 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:56:44

Everyone I have spoken to has loved their nct classes and made friends for life, meeting up regularly. I wasn’t so lucky, in a group of 8 couples everyone was nice but I haven’t gelled with any of them and we all rarely meet up as one in the group is always unavailable so we tend to have to wait until she is available which means we have only met up once in the last 6 months, babies aren’t much over 1yr. So it’s been a total waste of money for me, I was hoping to “buy friends” ha, i found it better meeting people in classes where I have met more people with things in common with rather than just having a similar aged baby. Hopefully you will be like everyone else I’ve ever spoken to about nct and not like me.

Fingers crossed.

happydays00 Sat 13-Jan-18 21:09:25

I struck lucky with my NCT group as I am still in contact with the other 7. Since we have returned to work we definitely speak less but they were such a huge support in those first few months!

How old are you OP? I'm sure it will be great and they're feeling just as nervous too!

JassyRadlett Sat 13-Jan-18 21:13:41

I’ve just spent the afternoon with one of my NCT mates, when DS2 was born an NCT friend picked up DS1 and he spent the night with them. Six of us still meet up pretty regularly.

The kids are six and half. Best money I ever spent.

somersetsinger Sat 13-Jan-18 22:11:54

I felt nervous before my first NCT class. It was sort of like the first day of a new school - everyone feels a bit shy but you're all hoping to make friends. Remember that they need you as much as you need them so they won't be judging at all! (Just don't scoff all the good biscuits and you will be fine.)

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