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Anyone due September with baby #1?

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MissSophieB397 Tue 09-Jan-18 19:42:26

Just got my bfp today I'm 4 weeks on Thursday going from 1st day of last period ☺️ this is baby #1 and 2nd pregnancy after first ended in mc

I'm 21 years old and been with my partner 3 years and this is all new to me! Would love to meet some other mummies to be in first pregnancy 💞

Bibijayne Tue 09-Jan-18 19:45:44

Expecting baby #1 on 11 Sept based on last period smile


MissSophieB397 Tue 09-Jan-18 19:48:18

@Bibijayne I'm not long after you then! So excited for this new experience!

Have you contacted a midwife yet for around the 8 week mark? Not sure what to do!

Mariehannah23 Tue 09-Jan-18 21:21:52

So sorry to jump on this thread but I wonder if you can help me. Im 23, took 5 tests and only one has shown positive result. I don’t know what to think or what to do next. I need confirmation but doc told me to wait a week and do another one. Any advise appreciated , thanks

Ceh11 Tue 09-Jan-18 21:42:01

Yes, I'm exactly one week ahead of you, will be 5 weeks on Thursday! Estimated due date 13th September. Have just booked an early scan for 8 weeks - 12 week scan felt so far away!xx

Happykins Tue 09-Jan-18 22:17:24

Hey ladies, I just got my bfp and I've worked out that my due date is 20th September so I still feel it's too early to get excited, 3 weeks + 5 days according to the calculator but I'm trying to not get my hopes up for a few weeks until I'm a little further down the line!

Congratulations to all of you, it's the most exciting way to start the year!

Happykins Tue 09-Jan-18 22:20:17

MissSophie I've just realised that we must have the exact same due date as I'll be 4 weeks on Thursday too! I'm 29 and this is my first, ttc for 3 months, just feeling like it's too good to be true!

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 06:33:53

@Happykins that's amazing ! You due 20th September? 😊

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 06:34:35

@Ceh11 did you book your scan privately?

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 06:35:54

@Mariehannah23 you may be best getting bloods to check hcg in your blood xxx

Ceh11 Wed 10-Jan-18 11:39:41

@MissSophieB397 Yes we booked privately

Bibijayne Wed 10-Jan-18 13:10:05

Booked 8 week appointment with midwife for 31 Jan.

But I'm impatient... so I've booked an early private scan for 20 Jan (they do them at Mothercare).

Ceh11 Wed 10-Jan-18 13:34:36

@Bibijayne ooh let us know how you get on!

CP96 Wed 10-Jan-18 14:46:50

I'm exactly the same as you but I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I'm 21 had a miscarriage last year and now in my second pregnancy. Hopefully all is going well. Hope your all going well too smile x

gracieee Wed 10-Jan-18 15:25:14

Hi girls! I’m 6 and a bit weeks pregnant with my first, due date is 3rd September. Got my first midwife appointment in a couple of weeks, so excited!
Anyone else feeling really nauseous all the time?? Started feeling really sick on and off all day this week, gone off food too. Any tips/advice would be very appreciated!

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 16:50:27

@gracieee I just feel exhausted and until I eat in a morning I will feel sick! But then I feel sick if I eat certain things. At the moment my main symptom is back ache and just feeling tired a lot. But I expect it to be worst in the next week or two as I'm 4 weeks tomorrow! X

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 16:50:54

@CP96 sorry for your miscarriage, hope this is a healthy pregnancy for you too 💞

jubbablub Wed 10-Jan-18 17:08:33

BFP this morning grin EDD is 21st September. I’ve got really bad cramps and a bit of nausea. The line this morning on my FRER was so strong though!!!

Ceh11 Wed 10-Jan-18 18:16:59

Congratulations @jubbablub ! It's lovely sharing the journey with others so close in due date, especially being first time round for us all smile

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 18:27:29

@jubbablub congratulations welcome to the September group 💞💞

Squiffy01 Wed 10-Jan-18 19:10:56

Hi Everyone!

I'm 5 weeks today so EDD is 12 September.
I don't want to get excited yet so scared something will go wrong.
I want to get an early scan at 8 weeks too but scared to book it in yet.
My friend told me I should be self referring to midwife? Has anyone done that yet? I'm moving house in the next few weeks so will have to wait for that.

MissSophieB397 Wed 10-Jan-18 20:47:32

@Squiffy01 yeah I believe you ring your local gp and ask for a midwife appointment/details? I'm not sure myself going to ring my gp and go from there 😊

jubbablub Wed 10-Jan-18 21:24:26

I’ve been to Drs for something else this evening and you book in with the midwife at your GP practice.

lynzpynz Wed 10-Jan-18 21:35:09

I’m due 6th Sep with first bean too, phoned my doctor (saw them today) and they took some info, and gave me number to pone Central midwifery unit to book my midwife appt and 12 week scan which they did for me on the phone call. Also told me to keep taking folic acid for first trimester and healthy start vitamins (which were free from the chemist - well inane cork and anyway!) xx

lynzpynz Wed 10-Jan-18 21:35:45

*inane cork = in Scotland - no idea how autocorrect manage that 😂

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