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Anyone know when the next supermarket baby event is.

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Ihaterapmusic Mon 08-Jan-18 10:30:07

Not fussed which supermarket. Only after sunshades and mummy buggy clip thing as just crossed my mind I haven't got them yet.

doowapwap Mon 08-Jan-18 10:32:02

I think Aldi have one starting in the next couple of weeks

hollyindie Mon 08-Jan-18 10:41:55

Next week for Aldi apparently

Bluebelltulip Mon 08-Jan-18 10:47:49

Tesco have one coming up too can't remember exact dates but I think its in the next few weeks.

bluechameleon Mon 08-Jan-18 10:49:12

I think Tesco starts on the 11th

sausagerollsrock Mon 08-Jan-18 10:51:17

Aldis coming up in 18th jan I think.

LBOCS2 Mon 08-Jan-18 11:22:34

Doesn't Asda have one on at the moment?

MagicMoneyTree Mon 08-Jan-18 11:25:54

I usually know when Aldi’s is coming up because Asda seem to have theirs the week before it, so will be keeping an eye out for both now I’ve read this thread- thanks!

NombieZombie Wed 10-Jan-18 00:20:07

Morrisons are having one on the 15th. smile

alibee26 Wed 10-Jan-18 00:51:07

Tesco - 11th Jan
Aldi online - 11th Jan
Aldi in-store - 18th Jan

YouCantBeSirius Wed 10-Jan-18 09:37:29

Does anyone know if these baby events happen regularly? I'm not due until August so I don't want to buy anything yet.

DaisyLand Wed 10-Jan-18 11:01:49

Is it online or in the stores?

hollyindie Wed 10-Jan-18 16:33:58

I think it's every 3 - 4 months they have them xx

DaisyLand Thu 11-Jan-18 09:35:59

Has the tesco event started? I can see some offers but dont match with the tesco baby events they announce

LeeLou456 Sat 13-Jan-18 13:45:35

Boots and Sainsburys both start on the 17th

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