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Fetal medicine 20wk scan

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Chorkie96 Sun 07-Jan-18 18:19:26

Hi my 20 week scan is going to be done by fetal medicine (missed birth anomalies in previous pregnancy) but does anyone know if they will tell us the sex at this scan if we ask? I know for the most part if you can find out at 20week scan but what if it’s done by fetal medicine (consultant scan)?

Heregoeseverything Sun 07-Jan-18 18:39:53

Hi @Chorkie , I recently had a 14week scan at FMC. I'm sure they will tell you about gender if they feel they can see it from the scan.

MissLaurz Sun 07-Jan-18 18:48:42

I had my 20 week scan at fetal med and they can tell you. I decided not to find out but it was one of the first questions they ask you about whether you would like to know! Hope it goes well x

eurochick Sun 07-Jan-18 18:48:44

I don't see why not if it's the trust's policy to tell. It sounds like they are just giving you a scan with someone specialised due to the previous issue.

idontknowhowtofeelaboutthis Sun 07-Jan-18 18:50:31

I had one at 17 weeks and I did ask, but he said he didn't know. (Baby is a boy and he even looked in 4D so I think he did)

But I expect at 20 weeks they would!

Sidsreadingdiary Sun 07-Jan-18 20:36:06

The doctor doing our 20 week scan for DC2 was really disappointed that we did not want to know. I think they will tell you. Also, DC1's 20 week scan in the maternity scanning dept was just a few minutes, but DC2's was an hour long. They are more likely to be able to see as they are scanning for longer.

Gizmo2206 Sun 07-Jan-18 20:54:06

We were referred to fetal medicine because the anomaly scan picked up a problem. We had been told she was probably a girl at initial scan and after he outlined her problem and I stopped crying I remembered I'd forgotten to get him to double check boy/girl so I asked if he had noticed and he said he didn't look but took me back into the scanning room and turned the machines back on to check. What a lovely thing to do and only took a few minutes. We had regular scans and he always 'doubled checked' but told us he doesn't offer refunds! She is a girl!

Chorkie96 Wed 10-Jan-18 07:11:45

Thanks everyone the hospital said their policy isn't to tell gender when I had my daughter but that was 13 years ago so I'm hoping it's changed now and I wasn't sure as it wasn't just standard scan. We will book 4d scan if they can't tell us or see what it is but if I don't have to spend money that could buy many nappies and wipes I'd prefer not to. Has anyone heard of the nub theory and would like to take a guess? We can't agree in our house lol x

Oysterbabe Wed 10-Jan-18 09:20:38

That's a boy smile

Chorkie96 Thu 08-Feb-18 06:10:29

Legs were crossed and head in lap so no answers on gender yet and we have to go back for further anomaly scan because they couldn't see everything they needed to.

TonicClonicAndTheWaves Thu 08-Feb-18 09:58:22

I had my 20 week scan at the FMU at UCLH and they were happy to tell me, and happy to double check at the follow up two weeks later.

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