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engaged at 35 weeks second pregnancy - is baby imminent?

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albertson Wed 25-Apr-07 11:07:56

Hello, the GP told me this morning my baby's engaged which doesn't surprise me as it gave me hell shifting around last night. She said be prepared for it any time. That scary What to Expect book says engagement rarely happens in second pgs until you are in labour, which worries me as my first child was two weeks early. Obviously am hoping to hold off until 38 weeks - is the book wrong and can other people reassure me you can have a few weeks wait between engagement and labour second time round? thank you!

scorpio1 Wed 25-Apr-07 11:11:02

i was engaged at 34 weeks second pg, delivered at 39 weeks.every baby is different.take it easy and get some rest, and pack your hosp bag!(if you need one).good luck!

mears Wed 25-Apr-07 11:18:28

No it doesn't mean that labour is imminent. To be honest GPs aren't usually much good at aassessing whether the head is engaeged or not - I would take it with a pinch of salt!

feetheart Wed 25-Apr-07 11:20:51

My DS (2nd baby) decided to engage at 32 weeks, he then hung on until 3 days before his due date if that helps. Walking round with a bowling ball between your legs whilst trying to chase a toddler is only entertaining to passersby

Olihan Wed 25-Apr-07 11:28:57

My second bobbed in and out from about 35 weeks, one appt she'd be 2/5 the next she'd be free floating. Then she was 2 weeks late .

MrsJohnCusack Wed 25-Apr-07 11:31:39

DD (1st baby) engaged at 35 wks and was 6 days late (induced though)
ds (2nd baby) engaged at 34 wks and was still 13 days late.

albertson Wed 25-Apr-07 11:36:00

Oh, thank you all so much, this is so reassuring, typically (of me) we still have decorators in, haven't bought the double buggy, hospital bag only half packed because decorators making it impossible to get to my clothes etc. So a couple more weeks grace would be a huge relief!

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