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Baby due late August 2018

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Gaby1982 Mon 18-Dec-17 17:49:11

Hello everyone,
My husband (36 yo) and I (35 yo) have been trying to conceive for 6 months and yesterday, 3 days before my period was due, I took an early pregnancy test at home... and it came back positive! Today I'm 3 weeks + 5 days.
We're both over the moon, however now I'm starting to worry that I tested too early and this may end up in a miscarriage. sad
I'm literally worrying over any sign of discomfort, cramp, etc. I'm even worried my cough may dislodge my little sprout! Is anyone going through the same?

Gem173 Mon 18-Dec-17 17:51:39

I feel exactly the same!! Tested yesterday and got a positive, I’m 4 weeks tomorrow as my period is due. Really nervous and afraid that it will show up sad and ruin my happiness! Fx it doesn’t affect either of us. I’m due 28th August xx

gryffen Mon 18-Dec-17 17:54:46

Hi Gaby

Im six weeks 1 day with my sprout and yeah, i totally get what you mean - and this is my second surprise baby after 11 years of trying and being told we would never have any!

You are going to feel twinges and aches and boobs are gonna be weird and tender but just relax, breathe and enjoy it - if bleeding or painful cramps that dont go away happen thats when you call doctor etc.

Best way i can describe the weird feelings i have in the area are like gas bubbles (the wind happens later lol) - not painful but just a mild twinge and then fine after it.

I do suggest buying some pantyliners now though, i totally forgot about the increase in discharge so dont freak out - i called it 'knicker watch' in my first pregnancy as you do overanalyse everything.


Gaby1982 Mon 18-Dec-17 18:12:50

Congratulations to both of you and thank you for your messages and support! It's good to know I'm not the only one being paranoid!

Gem173, I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for both of us!

gryffen, thanks for your advice. I will make sure I buy some pantyliners as I THINK I've started to have a bigger discharge. I wish I could fast-forward the next few weeks and relax!

GinSoakedLush Mon 18-Dec-17 20:32:19

Oohhh Can I join? Due 26 Aug, it's still sinking in!! Congratulations to you all

Cakelaur Mon 18-Dec-17 23:11:53

Hi ladies.
Congratulations!! How amazing is this for an xmas present! We were trying for almost a year!!! Got our BFP last Saturday as a shocker!! Totally unexpected as I had NO symptoms and totally thought I was out this month!

I’m 4+5. Feel totally unpregnant! Except for boobs. I found out last week at 3+3! It’s defo gonna seem like a looooong 9 months!!! I’m due 23rd august!!

PeapodBurgundy Mon 18-Dec-17 23:33:24

I was the same with DS. I found out two weeks after conception (dirty weekend away before DP went away with work so we can pinpoint it grin. I had horrible cramping, followed by a mahoosive bleed at 8 weeks (woke up in a pool of blood about the size of a dustbin lid) but DS was still clinging in there. He's now 21months, and we found out this morning we'reexpecting DC2 at some point in late August/Early September (not so accurate this time!). I thought I'd be less worried this time, but I'm not. I still keep checking for blood every time I go to the loo. Fingers crossed for us all. It's the best we can do I think xxxx

Gaby1982 Tue 19-Dec-17 08:08:57

Congratulations ladies! Thanks for joining the post, the more we are the better supported we will be to go through all the changes and worries ahead.
I know it's way too early, but is anyone thinking about doing a NIPT or Harmony test? I'm 35 yo and both my husband's and my family are continents away! I found a place where they can do it for £399.

Gem173 Tue 19-Dec-17 11:16:55

Af due today so far nothing smile so far so good!

louella99 Fri 22-Dec-17 08:21:43

Congratulations all! I'm 4 weeks 1 day today. Doesn't feel real yet, feeling very tentative about it.

Sealaplace Sat 23-Dec-17 07:02:47

Can I join? Got our BFP this morning and I am feeling every emotion! 4 weeks and a day today so due very late August! Congratulations to everyone, glad I've found some August buddies smile

WaitingforToto Sat 23-Dec-17 10:11:46

Morning ladies!
Can I join too, I’m 5wks + 3, got my BFP last Sunday after 14 months of ‘relaxed trying’ and 1 month of ‘serious trying’. It’s my first pregnancy and I estimate that I’m due around August 22nd. I’m trying to relax and not Google every tiny symptom as Google terrifies me! I am planning on having an early reassurance scan ASAP in the new year. Congrats everyone, Happy days!

BeesKnees9 Sat 23-Dec-17 11:12:02

Hi everyone, Can I join in?
Got our first positive on Wednesday, I am just over 4 weeks like Louella smile

Like most of you feeling excited but nervous too! Congratulations on your BFP this morning Seala, nice to see some others due late August!

Has anyone had any symptoms yet? I have an achey right boob, which is something unusual for me as I never really get any tit related pain when due a period so this is all quite knew! I am also on “pants watch” Gaby, every twinge or feeling down below I’m straight to the loo to see if anything is going on. So far so good though!

Has anyone booked in to see a GP/ midwife yet? This is my first pregnancy and no idea what to expect...

louella99 Sat 23-Dec-17 16:57:02

Welcome! Funny you should say that @BeesKnees9 I had a sore left boob, both have been sore pretty much since I ovulate but the left a lot more than the right!

I haven't booked to see a GP yet, I'm planning to book when I'm about 6 weeks.

Was also thinking of an early scan @WaitingforToto. How many weeks will you be when you have it?

katelouise1 Sat 23-Dec-17 18:43:36

I’m also due late August I found out yesterday ! I’m 5 weeks and 2 days x

WaitingforToto Sat 23-Dec-17 20:17:00

I have sore boobs too, but both equally! Mild cramps, and some weird bubbling/pulling sensations but that’s all so far, no sickness (yet). I’m planning on having an early scan the first Saturday in the NY @louella99 and I’ll be 7+3 then. I’m not expecting to see a great deal, but hoping it’ll put my mind at ease that things are looking on track. I’ve booked an appointment for mid Jan when I’ll be 8 weeks (all being well)

Gaby1982 Sat 23-Dec-17 20:38:53

Hello ladies, and congratulations on the big news! I've already booked my GP appointment for Thursday next week, I will be 5 weeks 1 day by then. As this is my first one I just want to go and check what I should be doing and what to expect in the coming months (I have Hashimoto -autoimmune thyroid disease-). I have to agree, both my boobs are a bit sore, especially the left one! As I'm 35 and part of my husband's family history is unknown, I'll be booking a NIPT/Harmony as soon as I'm 8 weeks. Trying to stop thinking about strollers and cots... but it's so difficult to control the excitement!! smile Fingers crossed for all of us!

Sealaplace Sat 23-Dec-17 20:44:24

So exciting for everyone! I'm going to phone GP after the holidays are over with. I know what you mean about getting carried away but I keep telling myself it's OK to get excited! What a lovely Christmas present for us all smile

BeesKnees9 Sun 24-Dec-17 07:01:38

Congratulations @katelouise1 smile have you told anyone the news yet?

@waitingfortoto not long till you can have your first scan, I hope it goes well

@Gaby1982 ooooo me too, I booked an appointment with the GP for the 5th of Jan so I will be around 6 weeks, no idea what the process is! If you have time will you report back after your appointment?

@Sealaplace you are right, I did have to stop myself browsing the newborn section in H&M though yesterday blush Have you Shared the news with anyone yet?

Sealaplace Sun 24-Dec-17 07:47:29

@BeesKnees9 it's so hard not to but it's really exciting news and you have to go into this with a positive attitude. I think the more we worry etc the more likely things will go wrong. It won't be long til we're all much more certain smile I've told my partner and one of my friends who's also pregnant. I live away from family so will wait until I see them to tell them smile have you?

Merry Christmas Eve!

florafoxtrot Sun 24-Dec-17 17:40:01

Hi ladies,

Can I jump on here too. Got my BFP on Thursday after 18 months TTC and a cancelled IUI - was overstimulated so potentially a multiple pregnancy but symptoms are limited so perhaps not!

We are over the moon and have told both sets of parents since they knew of our struggles and that we were starting treatment, both shocked but very happy for us.

Anyone else really struggling with anxiety? I really just want to fast forward through the next few weeks!

Cakelaur Mon 25-Dec-17 00:56:37

Merry Christmas ladies. Anyone sharing the news tomorrow? We’re telling the whole family on xmas day! I’m so excited!!! X

katelouise1 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:22:56

@beesknees9 thank you ! I had to tell my partners brother and his wife as they guessed and with it been xmas they were suspicious as to why I wasn’t having a drink haha bit other than that nobody knows apart from me and my other half x

louella99 Mon 25-Dec-17 20:02:21

Yes @flora I'm feeling anxious and it still doesn't feel real! We're not telling anyone just yet. Only me and DH know at the moment. I work shifts and I've got a busy festive period at work so I'm avoiding alcohol with no raised eyebrows which is great!

Rachael07 Mon 25-Dec-17 21:54:44

Hi everyone and merry Christmas! I’d love to join I’m 6 days late for my period and done around 5 pregnancy tests all showing as positive! I’ve been relaxed trying since around March but with Xmas decided to have a bit of a break so really shocked! It’s my first positive result and feeling really anxious to believe I am pregnant and darent tell anyone in case I’m not! I’ve not slept last couple of nights and going through so many mixed emotions! I was planning on phoning doctors on 27th when there back open and try to book in to see a GP to confirm I’m pregnant. Would you say that’s the right thing to do? Any advice would be amazing please especially to put my mind at rest! I’m trying not to let myself get too excited!

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