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Nun theory?!?

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PJsAndProsecco Mon 18-Dec-17 15:34:22

Any guesses as to boy or girl from my scan? This was at 12+2 (don't even know if you can see a nub hahaha I'm clueless!)

PJsAndProsecco Mon 18-Dec-17 15:35:40

Here's another pic!

BigBaboonBum Mon 18-Dec-17 15:41:48

I’d say that this is a girl nun fsmile

PJsAndProsecco Mon 18-Dec-17 15:43:46

Eee do you think? Can you see a nub?! I've no idea what to look for lol. I already have a DD and quite like the idea of another girl, sisters ☺️

BigBaboonBum Mon 18-Dec-17 15:57:54

I’m just going off the double lines, but everybody said mine was a girl and he’s a boy! smile

Hulaballoo Mon 18-Dec-17 16:26:48


ferntwist Mon 18-Dec-17 21:12:07

Congrats OP! My baby was 12 + 2 on my scan today too. We must be due on the same day if yours was today?
What is the nub theory? Here’s my scan.

ferntwist Mon 18-Dec-17 21:16:43

My scan

PJsAndProsecco Tue 19-Dec-17 09:06:44

@ferntwist my scan was last Monday - due date 23rd June! smile Congrats to you too!

ferntwist Tue 19-Dec-17 15:51:54

Ah lovely, congrats! Sonographer says she thinks I’m having a boy but can’t be sure. So exciting!

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