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Getting only white babygrows?

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OopsHowDidThisHappen Mon 18-Dec-17 13:30:36

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone only got simple white babygrows? This is our first child and I plan to have her in babygrows day and night for the first 3 months or so. A big part of me thinks, she'll have a cardigan on anyway, which could be a nice pop of colour.

The issue is that I look at most babygrow packs with colours/patterns and like maybe 1 out of the three (I am picky, I know). Throw in that they are cheaper and I could probably be washed at slightly higher temperatures, and it seems like a no-brainer - but I also don't want to be the weird mum who only dresses her daughter in white.

I am not sure what to expect gift-wise, as my family lives abroad, DH's family isn't big on gift-giving and our friends are generally not too keen on kids. I am sure we'll get a few outfits here and there, but I doubt anything "basic", e.g. coloured babygrows, will be gifted to us.

Anyway, anyone here who only got white babygrows? Good idea? Bad idea?

I suppose worst case, I could always dye them.

AKP79 Mon 18-Dec-17 13:34:35

With my DS I only had white terry towelling baby grows and a couple of muted sleep suits from The White Company, which were gifted. Personally I love white baby grows on babies and wouldn't have it any other way.

It doesn't matter what others thing, just do what you want.

RNBrie Mon 18-Dec-17 13:35:24

Lots of people do the all white thing. Its not weird.

I love this sort of first-baby dilemma, the things you find to worry about! I have three dc and for my first, I only bought white but was gifted a lot of pink. The last baby was dressed in whatever was closest and not covered in bodily fluids grin

welshweasel Mon 18-Dec-17 13:35:57

My SIL did this. I think whilst they are little it would be fine as they don’t tend to get dirty. Be prepared for throwing some away though as poo stains are difficult to get rid of and would show up more. You may find that they go grey quite quickly too, we found that with white vests.

Talith Mon 18-Dec-17 13:36:58

Supermarkets used to do big multipacks of white baby gros so I think you'll be able to find them. Certainly cheaper and it's up to you!

They'll look grubby more quickly possibly, but you're right you can boil them. Don't dye, that might be bad for the baby's skin but I bet eBay do plain coloured packs if it's patterns you dislike. I didn't like most patterns but loved Scandinavian designs like katvig and el sikki lej appealed to me much more.

BrutusMcDogface Mon 18-Dec-17 13:37:01

White = stains. Other than that, babies in white look gorgeous!

Situp Mon 18-Dec-17 13:38:24

Better for next baby too as you don't have to worry about the gender

DontCallMeJohnBoy Mon 18-Dec-17 13:38:30

White will wash well at 60 degrees and you can just grab one from a pile and and go if you're putting her in the 5th 3rd suit of the day.

My only concern would be when you go up sizes, how will you tell at a glance if that suit is one of the ones that's getting small if they're all the same colour?

Frogletmamma Mon 18-Dec-17 13:38:52

White ones are fine but get some small ones in just in case. Nothing fit froglet!

GinGeum Mon 18-Dec-17 13:39:35

I always advise all white babygros! Babies don’t need fancy outfits, and as you say, being able to shove them all on a hot wash is so much easier. Also ideal for soaking out neon yellow stains when you can just bung them altogether in the sink with a stain remover.

KatnissK Mon 18-Dec-17 13:40:10

In my experience, you get so many gifts and hand me downs that the first few months the baby tends to be dressed in every colour under the sun. I prefer vests and baby grows as they are more convenient (rather than jeans and dungarees etc.) but I'm not fussed on colour. They only wear them a few times before they stain or are outgrown anyway.

Alwaysatyke Mon 18-Dec-17 13:40:37

I'm with you on keeping them in babygrows for the first few months - I largely did the same as proper clothes are an unnecessary faff and they grow out of them in minutes.

However I think you'll regret all white the moment your first poonami hits. The kind of washing powder etc you'll need to keep them looking good is likely to be irritable to a baby's skin so you'll end up with everything looking grubby grey with the occasional orangey-brown stain. At least patterns help to hide the worst of it!

BexleyRae Mon 18-Dec-17 13:43:14

I wish I had done this.
If I had my time again I would have just bought a few pack of white baby grows and white vests. We bought far too many clothes and DD wore hardly any of them

catkind Mon 18-Dec-17 13:43:49

Hmm, white ones were cute for newborn as they only wore those for a week or two. Older than that I would say the plain ones tended to get old and tired looking more quickly. Though part of that may be that they were the cheaper options and made of thinner cotton. I personally preferred patterns, but lots of babies are in white and it wouldn't stand out or anything for me.

Or could you find a different retailer where you like the patterns better? Or one that does block colours?

Also bear in mind how well you get on with babygrows after the first few weeks may depend on shape of baby. Mine had long bodies and short legs, so babygrows never fit them properly.

HamishBamish Mon 18-Dec-17 13:44:19

I used mostly white baby grows with both my children and they were great. I received lots of more interesting colours/patterns as presents, so didn't need to buy much more than about 6 in the first instance. The outfit both DC came home from the hospital wearing was passed down by my SIL. My mother has photos of all 3 grandchildren wearing it as they were leaving the hospital!

OopsHowDidThisHappen Mon 18-Dec-17 14:07:35

Thanks for the replies ladies - glad to hear I'm not crazy.

We will be using cloth diapers, so there is already a big box of oxygen bleach in the house. If they really go grey, I might really just dye them in a nice colour (I found a few baby-safe dyes when I looked). Thus far our white laundry stayed white, fingers crossed I can still say that in a couple of months grin.

@catkid - The retailers I like price their sleepsuits at the level of 1-2 multipacks from ASDA or Next. I don't want to spend that on something that going to be showered in various bodily fluids wink. Also, I'd rather have a few more without having to worry about the laundry.

Flowershower Mon 18-Dec-17 14:12:10

Just be wary that if you're using cloth nappies lots of baby grows don't fit well as they're cut for disposables. I've found M&S quite good in a size up. They also have integral scratch mitts up till 6months which are useful.

cheshiremama89 Mon 18-Dec-17 14:12:22

@OopsHowDidThisHappen I'm due in 5 weeks and feel similar. I'd say more than half of what we've been bought is going to the charity shop.
Had my baby shower yesterday and even though we asked for vouchers (because we're incredibly picky) some people went off piste and bought us things that
a) we don't need
b) we will never use

I've gone mostly white but also some blue and grey, have you had a look at Baby Mori? They're the best quality I've found and are simply beautiful xx

lookingforthecorkscrew Mon 18-Dec-17 14:13:41

Your baby will shart their way through those white babygros in days. And nothing gets shart out.

RestingGrinchFace Mon 18-Dec-17 14:14:27

We had about half white half stripy. With a few other patterns thrown in. The benefit of patterned (especially stripy) baby grows is that they make it easier to see whether the baby is breathing or not (very usualful when you are sleep deprived and paranoid).

catkind Mon 18-Dec-17 14:38:26

Top tip for patterns - the neutral or "boy" branded ones are often okay even from shops where the girl ones are a bit icky pink. Or you can ebay for previous seasons. But if you like white just go for white, that's easy!

INeedNewShoes Mon 18-Dec-17 14:43:22

I don't understand all the comments about white being difficult re stains. DD is 7 months old and we're yet to have any item of clothing permanently stained.

Girlwiththearabstrap Mon 18-Dec-17 14:44:29

I don't think white is a problem or weird at all. They're cheap and easy to do on a hot wash.
Agree with pp that this is very much a first baby issue! I just dont care as much about baby clothes this time round!

whatithink Mon 18-Dec-17 14:50:47

I did white with my twins. They lived in white babygrows for the first few months. So much easier from a washing point of view and no ironing. They were cheap to buy too - Boots basic range I think for a multi pack. Never any problem with stains.

NC1990 Mon 18-Dec-17 14:53:23

I honestly don't think you'll care what colour babygrows she's wearing when it's the fourth outfit change of the day! Wouldn't you get awfully bored of just plain white all the time? I like to see babies in a bit of colour (doesn't have to be pink or blue!).

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