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Could I still be pregnant? CD26 BFN

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DancingInTheRain86 Mon 18-Dec-17 00:22:41

Hi all, I'm new to this site and just looking for opinions really and if anyone else has had a similar experience and gone on to get a BFP smile

I'm currently on cycle day 26, my cycle was always 28 days until the last year or so now it seems to range from 25-29 days.

I've been getting nausea but mostly only upon first waking and then it goes away, really sore breasts, sore weird feeling nipples, small pimples on breasts (only 3-4 of them), CM has been a bit weird, was kinda creamy and a bit lumpy looking (gross!) but no thrush or anything, then over the last few days has gone clear and sticky, I'm RIDICULOUSLY hungry which is not like me, I'm snacking a lot at night because I just feel starving and I swear 4 or 5 days ago I saw one spot (like actually rounded like a drop) of blood when I wiped but nothing since, but since it was a few days ago I'm starting to doubt myself, lol. Until today I had been having no signs of my period, but earlier today I started cramping on and off with pains that felt exactly like period pains, and then some random stomach stabbing pains, so I thought for sure that means my period is going to come, but I read some people do get period pains when pregnant. Tonight is the first time I have felt nauseous at night time and I threw up a small amount despite not feeling ill. However so far every test has been a BFN and with the cramps and pains I've been getting today I'm just assuming my AF is going to rear her ugly head in the next couple of days >.<

Do you think I could be pregnant? What were your very early pregnancy symptoms? I haven't had any fatigue yet or food aversions. Did you have a BFN 1-2 days before AF was due and still go on to have a BFP? Thank you for any input smile

Goddamitt Mon 18-Dec-17 00:31:50

I did. When I finally got a very faint line my period was 2 weeks late. When I went for my dating scan I was put back 11 days. I just knew I was pregnant. I had a bit of nausea and I really wanted to eat vegetables and went off fish.

Goddamitt Mon 18-Dec-17 00:33:25

I was also convinced my period was coming as I had a smear of brown blood like I got at the start of my period. That can be implantation bleeding.

DancingInTheRain86 Mon 18-Dec-17 00:43:48

Thank you Goddamitt, how far along are you now? For me it wasn't the spot of blood (that was just so random) that's making me think AF is coming, it's the period pains, the feel just like normal AF pains and hurt a fair bit but seem to be on and off. Did you have any cramping? Thanks again smile Also congrats.

Goddamitt Mon 18-Dec-17 00:49:30

He’s now 12 😀 the pains can be implantation pains. I had pains for the first 5-6 weeks or so. I was convinced I was having a miscarriage for the first few weeks after I got a BFP.

DancingInTheRain86 Mon 18-Dec-17 00:54:55

Oh haha, fair enough xD
Ah wow, what were the pains like? Did they feel like period pains or different? Mine today seem to have gone between crampy pains that feel just like period pains in my abdomen (and sometimes lower back), stabbing pains and bloating pains :/ Hmmm.

Goddamitt Mon 18-Dec-17 00:56:59

Like you described. What tests have you used? I found the cheap ones more sensitive for some reason.

hollowtree Mon 18-Dec-17 01:01:41

I felt exactly like this, all normal pre period symptoms

DancingInTheRain86 Mon 18-Dec-17 01:27:54

Goddamitt I have actually been using the cheap ebay ones. Thanks for all your input anyways, it definitely feels period crampy/pains although the nausea is confusing me. But I guess we'll find out over the next few days, lol. You have a good memory, my son is 9 and I can barely remember my preg symptoms xD

Hollowtree but you were preg I assume? Or are you saying it's likely I'm not and that they're just pre period symptoms? Just to clarify, lol smile

LMX0 Mon 18-Dec-17 05:25:20

Can i share two of my experiences, once before af arrived i had myself so convinced i was preggers due to all signs and was disappointed when af reared her head (alot of signs are so simlar to pms they are so easily confused) however before i got my BFP i thought i was out that month AF was deffo on her way all the usual signs and symptoms 1 day late and i noticed they eased a little and i knew that wasnt normal but still never thought preggers i only done the test to rule it out for deffo and was very surprised when the two lines appeared!!! Now 8 weeks 1 day just dont convince yourself to much incase of disappointment but best of luck to you!!!!

CircleofWillis Mon 18-Dec-17 10:21:42

What is AF?

LMX0 Mon 18-Dec-17 13:58:02

Aunt flow as in peroid

DancingInTheRain86 Mon 18-Dec-17 18:09:12

Well, I guess I am having a really bizaro period month :/

I woke up this morning still feeling a little sick, boobs hurting way more and a stuffy nose, was hoping it was all good signs, then the cramping started again, then around 3pm is I went to the toilet and loads of blood on the paper sad Weirdly WAY more than I usual have on day 1 of AF, as usually I'm very light on day one :S Then nothing again for another 2-3 hours even when I wiped, which was strange after how heavy it was, then on the most recent time of wiping loads of blood again. So I guess just having a strange period month. No idea where all the nausea and hunger is coming from then, lol.

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