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annie8417 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:54:21

Hi everyone, this is my first post and just seeing if anyone has been in the same situation as me.
I'm currently 13weeks pregnant, been really itchy all over for two weeks now, I had a blood test to test my liver function, my bile acid levels came back high and I have to go in to hospital Monday as the midwife says it's highly possible I have OC, she couldn't tell me much as she said it's not common in early pregnancy.

Just wondering if anyone has had this so early on and what do I expect?

Thank you

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 10:24:27


Harebellmeadow Sun 17-Dec-17 10:28:19

Hi there. Don't want to leave your post unanswered. What is OC? Maybe someone will come along with some experience of this.

Stickmangate Sun 17-Dec-17 10:36:03

Hi I had OC in early pregnancy and had high levels. I was given tablets to take to deal with the bile acid (can't remover the the name think it began when th X). They are not licensed for pregnancy but are used regularly.
I was monitored weekly then increased to twice weekly and would have gone to daily in later stages (my sister had this).

I had a healthy Ds now 4. I was early but that was due to other issues

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 11:11:58

Thank you stickmangle , I was just worrying, I had no idea what it was so turned to google 😳 big mistake.

As far as I know it's when the liver doesn't produce enough bile and causes the liver to back up and put toxins in to the bloodstream

Stickmangate Sun 17-Dec-17 11:51:01

Yea the liver slows down and bile leaks into the blood which is what causes the itching.

I had regularl blood tests and they would monitor the babies movement. I was quite a regular at the hospital 😃

In leave its most dang ours in the last trimester.
DS was 6 weeks early army blood pressure went up so had a c section. Blood pressure prob was due to the oc. But he was fine and I've had no lasting affects.

They can't confirm of till baby is born if your liver function returns to normal the. You had on. Good luck

sorenipples Sun 17-Dec-17 12:07:36

This website had a lot of information

It certainly can occur in the first trimester, it is usually diagnosed with high bile salts and exclusion of other causes (so they should have run a specialist panel of bloods ) and confirmed when it resolves after birth .

They should be monitoring your bile salt levels , and normally offer urso as treatment. Do you know how raised your bile salts are?

I'm currently enduring my second OC pregnancy, which got diagnosed 2nd trimester. First one resulted in an early induction, which wasn't pleasant, but I have a happy healthy toddler.

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 12:08:20

Thank you so much x it has made me relax abit x

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 12:10:56

I don't know levels yet , they called me yesterday to say I need to go in Monday morning so I'm guessing that's when I'll find out, thank you for the link I'll give it a good read.

I'm also covered in small bumps, would this be linked? Everything I've read said there should be no rash present?

sorenipples Sun 17-Dec-17 12:22:44

OC doesn't present with a rash but a)you can have a separate unrelated rash b) you can create a rash by scratching.

There is an "icp support" Facebook group where some ladies have posted rash pictures so you can compare and contrast. The moderators include those involved in research so it is high quality information.

Good luck on Monday. And I hope you get the itching under control.

GreyFluffball Sun 17-Dec-17 12:27:48

It's 7 years ago for me, but my OC was discovered at around the 30 week stage. I can't remember why I was tested for it, perhaps it's routine? As I didn't have the usual symptoms of itchiness etc. I had to go in to the hospitals day unit for CTG monitoring of the baby and urine/bloods weekly, up to about 34 weeks when it became twice weekly. I was then induced at 38 weeks as was the advice at the time - it may have changed since. Good luck.

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 15:36:04

Thank you all so much x it's definitely making me feel positive now xx I'll look on that Facebook group

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 15:40:16

Well I've just had some bleeding , it was bright red , this isn't going to end well is it

sorenipples Sun 17-Dec-17 16:10:49

Oh no. How many weeks are you? Do you know who to contact? Fingers crossed, it doesn't necessarily mean the end at all.

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 16:24:44

I'm 13wks and 4 days some red blood when I wipe with but of dark but in there x I don't know who to call but I'm at the hospital in the morning so I'll tell them then

sorenipples Sun 17-Dec-17 16:42:04

Plenty of people have bleeds and healthy pregnancis. Doesn't stop it being scary though.

My notes said a&e at that stage, so consider it if it gets worse/you are worried. Do you have a midwives number?

annie8417 Sun 17-Dec-17 18:13:03

I've tried to get in touch with my midwife but no reply, it's not really heavy and it's eased off so trying to keep positive x hope they scan me tomorrow at MDU

spearo21 Mon 18-Dec-17 04:23:59

Hope the bleeding has settled down?

This is my 2nd ICP pregnancy and just as awful as the first!! With my first it went undiagnosed until 38 weeks when I was promptly induced and was totally fine after delivery. This pregnancy I was diagnosed at 27 weeks and started on urso. I'm now 34 weeks and my body isn't responding to the urso and tried another medication which unfortunately made me very ill so I had to stop that. My liver levels are very high as are my bile acids. I'm booked in bfor induction at 37 weeks however I am very poorly just now and can't keep anything down which includes medication so an earlier induction may be likely within the next week as currently my baby doesn't have much protecting him. The good thing with early diagnoses is that you're pregnancy is monitored frequently and eases your mind!

annie8417 Mon 18-Dec-17 14:30:51

The bleedings settles down , I managed to get a scan and baby is fine x she said there's and area where's there's been a bleed, which is outside the baby's sack , if it happens again I'm to go back x

I've had some more bloods done for my liver which I'll get back tomorrow so fingers crossed xx

sorenipples Mon 18-Dec-17 16:21:43

Really glad to hear baby is fine. Hope they get back to you quickly with the liver test results.

annie8417 Mon 18-Dec-17 17:18:27

Thank you x me too, I'll let you know

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