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8 weeks and huge- worried!

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Indigo89 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:26:42

I only realised I was pregnant and took a test this week. Gp has confirmed and I'm waiting for midwifes appointment thus week but I'm already huge. My jeans don't do up and I have a stretch mark appeared on each hip.

My last period was end of October so I'm approx 8 weeks. Is this normal? I'm so so incredibly bloated and want to slow down this weight gain and minimise stretch marks. What can I do? sad

Firstchild7 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:31:12

Tbh evey pregnancy is different I felt like I was huge at 10 weeks but look back now I was not and some will probs be blotting at 8weeks. I defo already had a bigger belly by 8 weeks tho. I have used coco butter of my belly I really good 4.50 a bottle in Asda I started using mine asap

RemoteControlledChaos Sat 16-Dec-17 21:35:55

Is this your first? If so, you will find your own "normal". I'm pg with DC3 and have found each time that I can't do my jeans up from about 6 weeks, the Great Arse Spread happens around week 9 and my thighs are thunder from 10-ish onwards. But a girl I work with looks like a twig with a bump until she's 8 months. Embrace the hugeness!

Indigo89 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:43:32

Yeah this is my first. It's bloating AND weight gain. It just cannot continue at this rate. Right now I actually look like most do at 6 months. Gym in the morning blush

Fatso1978 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:46:36

You are probably exaggerating. Please stop thinking about weight gain and stretch marks. You have a long road ahead of you. If you didn't have them, you'd not have that baby growing in you.

Plenty of women are awfully bloated in the beginning and all through pregnancy. It is what it is.

Crashbangwhatausername Sat 16-Dec-17 22:01:38


Sashkin Sun 17-Dec-17 01:51:39

I had loads of constipation and bloating in my first trimester. Gained 3kg by 13 weeks. It was quite embarrassing, people would ask how pregnant I was, I’d tell them, and they’d look surprised it was so early blush.

It all settled down in the second trimester and I actually only ended up gaining 8kg in total. I lost 5kg during the birth (baby, placenta, excess fluid), and the last few kg came off after a few weeks of breastfeeding despite eating like a horse. So please don’t worry about weight gain. Eat sensibly, but no need to diet or over-exercise.

Beakyplinders Sun 17-Dec-17 04:07:15

Before you got your recent positive could you do up your jeans? How quickly did they get to the point where they wouldn't do up?

Just asking as it sounds like this has all happened recently, finding out you're pregnant and can't do your jeans up and I'm wondering whether you are maybe thinking you're bigger than you are. Trust me, at 6 months gone it's much more than just not being able to button up jeans, I should know as I'm 29 weeks!

Try not to focus on the weight gain or bloating as you're going to find over the next 7 or so months there are a whole load of changes to your body to come that you can't control, just eat as healthily as you can.

Doubletrouble42 Sun 17-Dec-17 04:23:24

Another for twins maybe.... I was showing at 8 weeks with mine! I looked like I did at 6 months with my singleton!

CremeDeSudo Sun 17-Dec-17 09:32:22

I'm the same and was also like this with DS! Everything I eat causes my tummy to expand and by the end of the day I look 6mths! I've already gained half a stone. With DS I also found the bloating to be genuinely painful, like you could stick me with a pin and I'd burst. Ginger supplements have been helping hugely this time so I'd recommend those! Don't panic though, it goes eventually!

hannknitted Sun 17-Dec-17 10:07:04

I'm 8+3, first baby, and already can't button my jeans either - from reading around it seems to be fairly common, unfortunately! 🙈

I think with me it has to be down to bloating as I've been feeling so rough with morning sickness for the past few weeks so I've not been managing to eat much. Because of the sickness, my tight jeans have really been the last thing on my mind tbh - as long as I can get some sort of food down me and function throughout the day, I'm winning!

Mothermnd Sun 17-Dec-17 10:31:26

I'm only 5ft 2 and of very slim build. I'm now 10 weeks and I've grown massively which I wasn't expecting! I could not fasten my jeans at 8 weeks so I'm hoping it's normal! Suppose everyone's body is different smile

Indigo89 Sun 17-Dec-17 12:24:41

Good to hear others are in the same boat. It is mostly bloating- I'm constantly burping.

2 weeks ago I wore said jeans on a night out just fine and now I only get the zip half way so I'm having to wear them under the big pot belly that's come out of nowhere.

BrutusMcDogface Sun 17-Dec-17 16:08:59

Invest in some bump bands; they extend the life of your jeans by covering up the fact that you can't do them up! grin

BrutusMcDogface Sun 17-Dec-17 16:09:47

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