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One to one midwives

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Bitsandbobsalot Sat 16-Dec-17 19:06:46

Hi ladies I’m 6 +1 with my little surprise miracle baby. Had a scan yesterday at EPU due to previous mc’s and little one is measuring perfect and we saw the heartbeat. The lady gave me a number to refer myself to midwives. I’ve not phoned yet as in my area I get the option to have a one to one midwife. I’ve had a look on the web site and it sounds lovely but I would like to hear from other ladies if they are as good as it sounds or should I just stick to my nhs one ? Any thoughts or experiences would be great to know

Wolfiefan Sat 16-Dec-17 19:11:26

I don't understand what you mean. Private? Same person guaranteed?

Bitsandbobsalot Sat 16-Dec-17 19:16:58

No it’s not private care it’s a service that is separate from the nhs midwives however is “free” though. I’m not 100% clued up on it hence why I’m asking I could be talking crap 😂 but that’s how I read it.
You get the same midwife thought out pregnancy till baby is 6 weeks. Well that’s what the website says.

Wolfiefan Sat 16-Dec-17 19:21:47

No idea how that would work. The same mw can't look after multiple women 24/7.
The area I had my first had a team of three midwives at the GP surgery. They did all ante natal and post natal stuff and aimed to get one of the three to the delivery too.

Bitsandbobsalot Sat 16-Dec-17 19:23:31

That the link to them

sauceyorange Sat 16-Dec-17 19:25:17

Well, the websites bad enough to be convincingly public sector grin

Gunpowder Sat 16-Dec-17 19:25:33

It sounds like caseload MW to me which is where you have a named Midwife throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period. You also meet their team at your appointments and one or two of the team will attend your delivery, depending on who is on call.

I didn’t have one to one but did have caseload MW for two of my three pregnancies and would jump at the chance.

wrinklebells Sat 16-Dec-17 19:27:01

I had my 3 week old baby with one to one. They are AMAZING! I cant recommend them enough - Ive had the same midwife from the first appointment and will see her until baby is 6 weeks old. I've been able to call her any time, she was here for the birth, she and they are amazing.
I also did hypnobirthing with one to one and it cost£35 for the full course.
Seriously, this is my third baby and despite all sorts of stressful stuff happening during my pregnancy, it was the best and most supportive and empowered labour and birth I've had.

Bitsandbobsalot Sat 16-Dec-17 19:34:05

I would be nice to have the same midwife throughout and that’s the what’s most appealing to me. My last two nhs midwives during delivery (over 13 years ago) weren’t listening to me to while in labour and both times the student midwives did and ended up delivering my dd’s. Can I request a student midwife ? 😂

mindutopia Sat 16-Dec-17 19:34:07

I've heard good things about one to one, but most people I know use them for home births. Either way though it's better continuity of care and there's no reason not to if that's what you want. I've never heard bad things about them, just don't know anyone whose used them for a hospital birth (if that's what you're planning), but I assume it makes no difference. I would just check they aren't screwed over by this insurance thing with independent midwives that happened this week (ongoing battle over IMs right to practice, but the appeal came back this week not in their favour). Not sure how one to one manages their insurance though.

Littlebatcalledlucille Sat 16-Dec-17 19:37:49

I'm with one to one midwifes I'm 22weeks. Agree with wrinkebells.
They are great and I've seen the same midwife so far. She comes to me for all checkups and the only time I have to leave the house for appointments are for scans.
Where are you based?

Melinda76 Sat 16-Dec-17 19:41:08

I used one to one midwives and found it a great service. My midwife came to my home at all hours to do my assessments and injections which was fantastic as it meant my husband could be there. I could also txt or ring her if I had any questions or concerns out of usual office hours which I found very reassuring. When I went into labour at 32 weeks she was great on the phone and contacted the hospital to let them know I was on my way in.
What I really found helpful was the aftercare - she visited every week for 8 weeks to weigh my daughter and speak with me about any issues.
I would definitely recommend them 👍🏻

ihavetokeepchangingname Sat 16-Dec-17 19:49:55

I started one of my pregnancies with one to one midwives. They were really nice but much more aimed at straight forward pregnancies and when I developed complications I transferred to the hospital midwives 🙂

B0033 Sat 16-Dec-17 19:53:17

I used a 1-2-1 midwife with my last pregnancy. It was an AMAZING service. I really can't recommend enough; continuity of care, coming out to your own home for appointments, and the after care was top notch. We got ds's tongue tie sorted in a matter of days rather than the 6-12 week wait that other mothers experienced in our same area. (This actually made my blood boil, because it certainly isn't fair)

She wouldn't have been able to support me in a hospital birth, but even if I'd had him in hospital she would have come to all the post natal checks.

coursedarlin Sat 16-Dec-17 19:54:36

One to one are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone who has the option. I referred myself and had weekly appts and they were all at home. I had gestational diabetes and all blood tests were done at home and I can really say that they are excellent.

coursedarlin Sat 16-Dec-17 19:56:56

I will say though that if you choose a hospital birth like I did, your one to one Midwife can’t be active as a midwife in your labour. They can be there is if u choose but aren’t to administer care. That said though, she did come and visit me an hour after I had ds

Bitsandbobsalot Sat 16-Dec-17 19:57:21

I’m in Cheshire so would fall under the Crewe ones.
When I read it it did seem to aimed at straightforward pregnancy which I am obviously hoping for. I’m 34 and not overweight and previous pregnancies and births have been fine however I was much younger then. It’s good to know that should pregnancy become a risk you’ll be referred to nhs.

mindutopia Sat 16-Dec-17 19:59:53

I should add, I have one on one midwife care (not with one to one, though) as we have a dedicated home birth team here. It's wonderful. I have the same midwife who I see everytime. She comes to my house for all my appts. I've only ever been to the hospital for scans, but otherwise it's all done at home. It's a small team, much like one to one, so you do get to know all the midwives (they come along sometimes), but there's just one person really in charge of you. It's really lovely. The NHS is heading that way for all antenatal care eventually, as the outcomes are much better, so I think if you have the option, go for it.

GuntyMcGee Sat 16-Dec-17 20:02:27

You'd be mad not to OP!

Go for it!

Even if your pregnancy is high risk, your O2O midwife would still care for you through your pregnancy and afterwards, they just wouldn't be able to care for you if you laboured in hospital. You'd still get continuity of care and the service you get is far above what the nhs community midwives can provide.

If you're not sure, give them a call or pop into their shop and ask a few questions. You could always transfer to standard Midwifery care if it doesn't feel right.

wineandcheeseplease Sat 16-Dec-17 20:11:50

I used one to one midwives and would highly recommend them. Amazing care all the way through and after birth.

lgh05 Sat 16-Dec-17 20:12:42

I am only 12 weeks pregnant but self referee myself to one to one midwives as I am Cheshire based and I cannot tell you have amazing they have been so far! It’s like a dream, I can’t believe I am lucky enough that they cover my area! It’s amazing all visits (except scans) are done at your house, and you have the same midwife you can ring them 24/7 honestly the people I have spoke to that have had care from them have done nothing but sing their praises! Honestly really look into it because I am so glad I am located where I am and can receive this amazing care- it’s a million miles away Ron the treatment I received with my daughter 4 years ago via the NHS. Xx

lgh05 Sat 16-Dec-17 20:13:27

Miles away *from

wineandcheeseplease Sat 16-Dec-17 20:13:30

Also in Crewe here. Pm me if you'd like to chat about them

zebrapig Sat 16-Dec-17 20:14:44

I'm currently 32+5 with my second and I've used One to One this time after an awful experience with my community midwife the first time round (she came to apologise to me in hospital because she hadn't listened to me and I ended up really ill with pre-eclampsia).

They operate on a case-loading model so you have one named midwife you see through your whole pregnancy; they work in partnership with a buddy so you might see them as well. E.g. my midwife is currently on holiday so it's her buddy who will answer her phone. The care has been amazing, she listens to me and takes me thoughts & feelings on board. She's made sure I've had the care I need as I'm high risk so have to see the consultant too. When my downs results came back as increased risk she came round to see us at 7pm that night and talk it all through; the service is above and beyond what you get from community midwifes imho.

Bitsandbobsalot Sat 16-Dec-17 20:22:51

Lots of good advice thanks ladies

I think I’ll go and see them before I make a final decision. We are very lucky in my area to have the choice as even my local hospital has won awards for maternity unit recently so I’m sure that would mean the care given by community midwifes has improved since my last pregnancy.

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