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No period ... negative pregnancy result 😔

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Springturkey Sat 16-Dec-17 04:19:37

Hey there... yeah just speaking out loud really. There’s not much I can do to know more than I do ... only time will tell. I’m 36 ... 2 weeks late ... been trying with my partner for the last 6 months etc etc we would love to be ... done 3 pregnancy tests all negative ... but carry many pregnancy symptoms mainly nausea and fatigue. Just today got light spotting. The plot thickens!

Praisebe Sat 16-Dec-17 04:28:25

Can you go to the GP and get a blood test done ? Ive had this in the past where Ive shown signs of PG and no period but period and pregnancy symptoms are actually identical and its hard to tell them apart in my case i was stressing about missing my period which made it even later
Could it just be stress making your period late ?

Springturkey Sat 16-Dec-17 05:25:10

Oh bless you Thanku very much. Yes I know I should do. Just resisting I guess as if if it turns out I’m not then I feel I’m giving it more weight and time than it deserves which I’ve done before ... and don’t want to be disappointed 😞

abbsisspartacus Sat 16-Dec-17 05:44:40

My two negative tests is 17 now

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