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MW doing premises assessment

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TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 00:37:45

I realise I've left this a little late to post but tomorrow morning (Thu) the MW is coming around to do a premises check prior to our home birth. Other than checking for stretcher access could anyone please advise what she will be looking for as she didn't have a list on her at my appt the other day?

I'm 38+2 so really need things to be ready and she forget about the check!

reetgood Thu 14-Dec-17 00:42:18

Umm I had my appointment with the home birth team and there wasn’t really a premises check - didn’t even discuss stretcher access! We discussed where in the home I might want to locate, whether we had central heating, whether I was planning on using a birth pool. They came to the home, I’m assuming so they could make a visual assessment. They gave me a helpful list of stuff I might need. A large part of the appointment was about making sure I understood various risks, and what they would do. But have you already done that at another appointment?

TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 00:46:58

That sounds like all the things we discussed when we did birth plan a couple of weeks ago. She made home check sound like a huge deal but with a little hindsight maybe it's down to the local area being populated with houses down awkward country lanes and whatnot?

I'm just worried we are missing something glaringly obvious for the homebirth despite her saying I do not fall into any exclusion category and I am confident our home is sufficiently safe/accessible/clean.

thingymaboob Thu 14-Dec-17 01:05:43

A stretcher check. That's hilarious. Like midwives know how best to get someone out of their house / flat. 😂😂😂😂. They won't know how ambulance stretchers are used and what other lifting and moving equipment there is on an ambulance. They certainly won't be doing any of the lifting or moving. I'm a paramedic by the way.

reetgood Thu 14-Dec-17 01:11:05

Honestly, I think it’s more ‘are there any issues we need to advise on’ (I asked the midwife about my Cat :D ) than ‘will we allow you’. Oh she asked if I had a bath too, and mentioned that could be helpful. That and being able to get the house to a warm temperature seemed to be the only questions she had. It was mostly suggestions for me eg had I thought about where I wanted to be, had I thought about lighting, that kind of thing.

TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 01:15:03

That's what really baffled me, so now I can't imagine what else she is looking for.

DH and I have also had to haul our fair share of stretchers around really bloody awkward scenarios over the years so we're certain our boringly normal house won't cause any issues, and we are on a main road so no ambulance accessibility problems either.

PeaceLoveAndDixie Thu 14-Dec-17 01:18:39

It’s mainly just so they can check there’s no access/parking issues and that it’s basically clean and warm. You have nothing to worry about!

TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 01:19:59

We've got a new head torch for whomever attends in the event of stitches etc, and have verbally confirmed heating and space available. Maybe she's just completely sceptical of expectant mothers?

Frustrating all this faff quite honestly becausr if there isn't anything else she's looking for then it's really quite a waste of her time.

We only want a home birth as we have no childcare for DS, turning out to be a logistical bother for everyone

TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 01:22:28

Again, seems rather a waste of her time as the HV was here just a couple of weeks ago, can they not communicate suitability? Feel like I'm putting everyone out with this if that's all it's for.

Ah well, nothing to hide so unless she wants to check drawer under bed nothing to be embarrassed about!

Xennialish Thu 14-Dec-17 01:48:58

Do you have birth pack? They would usually drop that off prior to the birth but does seem quite late for the home visit!

TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 02:20:50

No I don't have anything that's been given? She hasn't mentioned dropping anything off either, is it something I need to prepare alongside hospital bag and things like towels for delivery?

AssassinatedBeauty Thu 14-Dec-17 02:27:17

When they did mine it was just to check access and to look out for any tripping hazards or anything like that.

I'm sure you're not wasting her time as she'll just be following her normal procedure.

Mummyme87 Thu 14-Dec-17 07:54:31

She isn’t going to assess for stretcher access. She will probably drop a birth bag off at your house, contains equipment without drugs. Our homebirth team always do home visits, often throughout pregnancy but always towards the end. HV and MW don’t liase, and HV isn’t interested in what your MW will be looking at. This is part of the role of a homebirth midwife, stop worrying that your putting people out.

mindutopia Thu 14-Dec-17 10:33:18

Mostly it's just to find your house. If you haven't had your usual appointments at home, they pretty much just want to come out to you and see where you are so they can rely any notes on directions to the team. They'll check access (like they can get to you in an emergency) and usually to make sure you get mobile reception there or have a landline. That's it. They'll often go over your birth plan as well if you haven't talked about it and answer any questions. Usually they leave the home birth kit with you, unless they just keep them in their car in your area. They won't care at all if you've cleaned and they usually won't want to actually see around unless you have a strange layout and they need to check access to wherever you plan to birth. Really it's just to practice driving to your house though and if you have questions about the birth it helps if you're actually in the space to talk about it, like where you want to put the birth pool, where she might recommend emptying it, etc. It's not to check up on you at all.

They never even came out to me with my first (I went and met them at the hospital as they were really busy and we just talked through those things). This time around I have all my appts at home anyway, but I doubt they'll want to see around anymore than they already have. It really isn't a big deal and i think you're overthinking it. But I would mostly just be prepared with any questions you might have.

As for things you need to prepare, I'd look at a general list of what's recommended for home birth. You will want lots of floor coverings, even if you are having a water birth (while you're at it, I'd get some carpet cleaning supplies in case you need them). They will bring a big box of stuff plus the gas and air. Usually that drop that off to you when they come out (which is why they come to you, otherwise, it's really heavy to load in and out of your boot) and they might talk to you about what's in there and anything else you might want to get.

DontLookBackIntoTheSun Thu 14-Dec-17 10:39:32

We only want a home birth as we have no childcare for DS, turning out to be a logistical bother for everyone

Have a Plan B. I had a home birth for my 3rd, and had to go to hospital for delivery.

TooSarcastic Thu 14-Dec-17 20:34:24

Thanks everyone, she had a quick look around and filled in some.paperwork confirming all.was suitable which was left in my green book.

She didn't leave anything else here and said they just bring 2 small canisters on the day. Here's to hoping.all goes to plan (ha!)

Unfortunately we really have no option for plan B. No family within 300 miles and friends away to stay with their family until new year now. As he's only 3 it's not like we can just compromise on his care either

Loosemoose28 Thu 14-Dec-17 20:40:45

There is a homebirth UK facebook group which is a useful group to be on.

GummyGoddess Thu 14-Dec-17 20:52:14

Mine said they just wanted to make sure the house had a clear space for giving birth and for them to work if me or baby needed help and to make sure there was parking. They said that they're often surprised at the number of people planning a home birth when living in a building site due to renovations, sometimes without actual flooring.

They never dropped off anything, it was all brought with them on the day.

You need a plan B, even if it's that your husband stays behind with your DS if you're rushed to hospital. My ideal scenario is to give birth at night with this one so my DC is asleep. However plan B is that I have two friends as backup DH could take DC to if needed. What do you do if your DS gets scared? If you're only choosing a home birth due to childcare, you're probably going to end up giving birth alone while DH watches your DS so would it not be easier to do it alone in hospital?

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