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Sickness starting at 12 weeks

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NooNooHead Wed 13-Dec-17 09:29:18

Just ate some breakfast and after 5 mins my stomach literally started churning and I had an overwhelming urge to be really sick.

I’m 12w3d and have been v lucky in the first trimester to only have mild nausea in waking up. It seems to have suddenly become a lot worse today, and I am worried i’ll be fighting nausea for the rest of the pregnancy... hmm I didn’t have any sickness in my first pregnancy and now all of a sudden I feel sick, slightly dizzy and sweaty.

Is this normal?! I’m getting a bit worried it isn’t...

mindutopia Wed 13-Dec-17 11:09:46

It can be. I did have nausea with my first (but never actually sick), but it was much more mild with this one (3rd pregnancy, mc in between, so 2nd baby) UNTIL about 12 weeks. Then 12-13 weeks I felt miserable. It was definitely the worst bit and then it subsided completely.

Mrshand123 Wed 13-Dec-17 17:15:09

I've had nausea since week 6, I'm now 12 weeks 3 days and to be honest this week has been the worse, I just hope it subsides soon

jellycrumble Wed 13-Dec-17 17:20:36

@NooNooHead I could have written the exact same thing!! Mild nausea since I found out, was annoying but perfectly tolerable and I just tried to ignore it. Yesterday however (I'm 12+1) after eating my tea I threw it all back up (and also felt full very quickly prior to this)

I've read up and does seem pretty common... to do with a surge in hormones apparently? In the nicest way possible I'm glad I'm not the only one! grin hope it passes quickly for us.

Anatidae Wed 13-Dec-17 17:23:46

Take your temp. Could be a bug.

GottaBeStrong Wed 13-Dec-17 18:06:02

I have had bad nausea and issues with food smells in the first trimester, but being actually physically sick did not start until near the end of 10 weeks or the beginning of 11 weeks and ramped up at 12 weeks. I read that 12 to 14 weeks can see a real surge in hormones as jellycrumble said and so some of us start being sick and gagging a lot during that period even if we were not physically being sick earlier on.

BigBaboonBum Wed 13-Dec-17 19:32:42

Same! Third pregnancy and assumed sickness was a first trimester issue, I sailed through first trimester but at about 11 weeks I just throw up at the sight of anything that even slightly displeases me! It’s SO HARD to do the dishes now my dish washer has decided to pack it in... you would think it’s a fantastic excuse not to do the dishes but OH works away so I have to throw up about 5 times doing them or ask my boys to do them for me. Dust, dirt, even condensation has been known to set me off this time around 🤔 . I’m having my carpets ripped out in January just because I can’t stand the thought of hidden germs. I’ve turned into my worst nightmare!

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