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Any weird cravings?

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desperatehousewife2 Tue 12-Dec-17 19:10:46

I'm on wk 29 and have gone nuts for the smell of white spirits! Petrol as well but as I have a diesel car access to the white spirits is easier. It's all I can do not to inhale the big bottle of the lovely stuff in our utility room. I do indulge in a sneaky whiff every so often though.

Anyone else have anything like this?

juneisthemonth Tue 12-Dec-17 23:52:38

Pickled onion vinegar, I want to drink it!!! It's honestly a battle every day not doing it! Pickled onion crisps don't hit the spot... but downing some vinegar is sureeeee gunna make me puke!!
I also am obsessed with the smell of a damp sponge or flannel.... being pregnant has reminded me... and my partner that I'm a complete weirdo! grin

Hotpinkangel19 Wed 13-Dec-17 14:26:04

Chewing on a wet sponge......

blondielocks29 Wed 13-Dec-17 14:32:33

Scraping the frost from the freezer onto a spoon and eating it.
You'll find me doing it multiple times a day 🙈

EmilyJ90 Wed 13-Dec-17 14:35:27

Strawberry laces dipped in marmite, sounds absolutely grim, but I can't get enough!

Picadillypops Wed 13-Dec-17 20:58:27

I had the white spirit cravings with my eldest 😂 Used to allow myself one quick sniff a day!

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