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Kazzar Sun 10-Dec-17 22:27:50

Missed my October period my November period was very light and five days after have spotting very light and Decembers period I am now five days late

thingymaboob Sun 10-Dec-17 23:37:05

And? Are you ttc? Is this odd for you? Have you got PCOS? Have you done a pregnancy test?

Kazzar Mon 11-Dec-17 00:35:01

Yes this is odd for me and yea done test up until 3 weeks ago and all of them said negative not sure wat ttc and pcos is either Hun new to this

elliejjtiny Mon 11-Dec-17 00:45:53

This happened to me once. I wasn't pregnant and the gp said it was caused by stress.

Kazzar Mon 11-Dec-17 00:47:48

Thank you

thingymaboob Mon 11-Dec-17 00:54:35

Ttc means "trying to conceive"
PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome which is one condition that can make your periods very irregular and erratic.
Irregular periods can be caused by all sorts of different things. Best to make a GP appointment and get some blood tests and have an assessment by a doctor.

Kazzar Mon 11-Dec-17 00:56:50

Nope not trying and nope I don't have pcos and nearly my periods and dot on the date every 28 days

thingymaboob Mon 11-Dec-17 01:01:57

It might be something really simple but if it's unusual and been going on for a few months then I'd get an appointment. How old are you?

Kazzar Mon 11-Dec-17 01:04:36


thingymaboob Mon 11-Dec-17 01:21:43

I'd just book a routine appointment and get seen by GP. All the best

Kazzar Mon 11-Dec-17 02:19:41

Thank you

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