Symptoms come and go?

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BuffalotheGruffalo Sun 10-Dec-17 08:20:09

I'm about 7 weeks now and have had really sore boobs/mild queasiness and bloating/stomach cramps for the last few weeks. Do symptoms come and go? I woke up last night at 1am and felt fine, boobs have stopped hurting, cramps are tailing off etc and only mildly nauseous on and off - I tend to feel quite good in the mornings even though I seem to be awake quite a lot of the night. Do symptoms come and go? I'm so worried that it's just ended and I don't yet know. I've not had any bleeding. I'd like to do any other test but I don't have one in the house in and am snowed in today. Booked in for a scan next week so seems an age away still.

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BuffalotheGruffalo Sun 10-Dec-17 10:10:16


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mikesh909 Sun 10-Dec-17 11:11:30

I'm at a similar point and I think symptoms do come and go. Mine certainly do. According to things I've read, It's something to do with the way the HCG levels rise in the first trimester. They double every few days and as the weeks go on the periods between increases lengthen. Symptoms are your body's reaction to the increase, so the days you feel bad are the days the levels have gone up, then you adjust to that new level and don't feel so bad for a day or so... I hope I've explained it correctly! Try researching HCG levels in pregnancy for more info. And good luck with your pregnancy!

BandhaAid Sun 10-Dec-17 11:40:03

I'm 5 weeks and I agree they seem to come and go. I feel worse in days when I work because I'm on my feet more so I get cramps and a sore back. I have sore boobs and tiredness permanently but everything else comes and goes. For example, yesterday I had an upset stomach, nausea and dizziness (and I wasn't even working) but today I feel pretty normal.

Ekphrasis Sun 10-Dec-17 12:23:37

Yes, this drove me nuts as I felt I'd been worse at 4-5 weeks than 7. Then 10 weeks hit and it was pretty tough for a while. Was never sick but very nauseous.

However with my son it was very mild throughout, more aversions than anything, and then settled by 10 weeks. Number two is a boy also so it's just down to the individual pregnancy and person.

Ekphrasis Sun 10-Dec-17 12:24:21

And some mornings my boobs felt fine too. Others they were terrible!

BuffalotheGruffalo Sun 10-Dec-17 13:07:53

Thank you all. I've been feeling a bit yuk today as the day has gone on and boobs are a bit tender. Hopefully it's just what happens and the HCG changes makes sense. I haven't felt horrendous at all really but I've had days where the bloating and tenderness/cramping has left me feeling pretty rubbish. Just want to scan date to come around quickly so we know where we're at. Good luck everyone with your pregnancies!

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