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Piles aka the worst pain ever

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Lime19 Thu 07-Dec-17 19:15:34

For me they were by FAR the worst bit of childbirth. I can push a 90th centile head out no issue. Contractions were enjoyable compared to the few days after with what one hospital worker described as "the worst piles I've ever seen"

Anyway ever since then my bum has never been the same. If I stand too much, walk too much, god forbid do too much jumping... if I don't go once per day and if it's not the exact softness... I get them come up again!

Lime19 Thu 07-Dec-17 19:16:11

Posted too early! Any tips?! Tried cream and baths and prescription cream.

Lime19 Thu 07-Dec-17 19:17:12

22 weeks with twins and in agony. Shit, it's only going to get worse isn't it!

bettydraper31 Thu 07-Dec-17 20:09:43

Have you tried witch hazel wipes? I got a tub from amazon, they’re especially designed for hemmoroids. Or sudocreme? That’s quite good at drying them out. I feel your pain! I had one burst once, nearly passed out in the bathroom. Childbirth was a bloody doddle after that bastard x

buttwingsham Thu 07-Dec-17 20:18:09

I had them really badly with all four of my pregnancies. I tried everything to get rid of them, the doctor said in the end that they weren't going to go until after the babies were born.
The absolute best thing I had was lidocaine cream (aka vagisil the itchy fanjo cream) it is a numbing cream so completely numbs the little buggers. It was such a relief after the absolute agony I was in.

BigBaboonBum Thu 07-Dec-17 21:15:01

Anusol helped me. I’m also with you! Pushed my 9lb11.5oz baby out and thought phew! It’s over... wasn’t even too bad! and the worst was only to come when piles hit me like a brick to the face. I had never had them before in my life so it was a double shock

Chipsahoy Thu 07-Dec-17 22:07:17

If you have problems when not pregnant after exercise or whatever than it sounds more like prolapsed piles. You need to see a Gp, I'm not sure what can be done whole pregnant other than managing them, but after there are options.

Lime19 Fri 08-Dec-17 08:55:16

Thanks ladies. I have been up ALL night. Maybe an hour of broken sleep. I feel exhausted. At points in the night I was sobbing in pain.

Got up at 430 today and moaned to my mum. She's came round with a rubber ring, more cream, and prep h wipes (amazing)

She told me her story, and said that they just suddenly get better. And that's what happened to me. I just suddenly in last half hour feel slightly more normal.

Bit worried it's too good to be true!

Why has it suddenly stopped hurting as much

Bellamuerte Fri 08-Dec-17 17:37:50

TMI but a tub of Vaseline in the bathroom cupboard, applied before going to the loo, helps it slide out easily without irritating the piles even more. Then apply pile cream afterwards.

Moanyoldcow Fri 08-Dec-17 20:13:08

OP - I had this with first pregnancy. It was horrifying. I ended up sobbing in the doctor and she was really worried about me.

The advice so far is great but prevention is best. Fybogel 2/3 times a day, Lactulose (lowest dose to keep things going), moist loo roll (don't flush it) and REALLY good cream. You need Protocsedyl or Scheriprioct. They're expensive and generally given after trying a hydrocortisone type cream - I think those are prednisone. Get cream AND suppositories - they get to the root of the problem.

And ice cube applied to them helps too.

I took codeine too although you need to be careful as it constipates so lots of fibre if you go that route.

I'm on second pregnancy and do suffer a bit but Fybogel morning and night and otc cream keeps it in check.

Good luck - it was by far the worst thing ever in pregnancy and I had/have severe SPD and PIH plus daily blood thinning injections.

AntiHop Fri 08-Dec-17 20:19:46

See your gp as the most effective stuff has to be prescribed. Germaloids which you can buy over the counter has lidocaine in it.

IndianaMoleWoman Fri 08-Dec-17 20:26:52

GP can refer you for banding, where they put a tight band round them until they drop off (not as horrifying as the actual pain you’re in now). Also you need some stronger cream in the meantime with local anasthetic in it, also available through GP prescription. Get to a GP!

SellMySoulForMoreSleep Fri 08-Dec-17 20:30:11

Do not sit on the rubber ring, it has the opposite effect as it send the blood there and can make them worse. I had them after childbirth and they are awful but your mum is right, they do stop hurting. When mine were really bad I found an ice cube helped. confused

TwoKidsAndCounting Fri 08-Dec-17 20:35:21

Anusol for topical, push them back up when in a nice, hot, epsom salt bath and codiene for pain. They are hurrendous! Mine went away about a month after birth however, are you holding onto your baby weight? Are you constipated?

AppleHEAD Fri 08-Dec-17 20:37:28

Epsom salts in the bath really helped mine. Mine suddenly got better and I couldn't work out why.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 08-Dec-17 20:39:24

Another warning about codeine, it causes constipation.

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