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pregnancy and vulnerability

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doobadodobedoey Thu 07-Dec-17 19:11:41

Not sure if this is hormones talking and me being uber sensitive. But, I'm 4 months pregnant with DC2 and really dislike being pregnant due to the way I'm treated as a pregnant woman, or at least feel I'm treated.
I found with DC1, that I suddenly changed from a strong, effective, influential person at work to someone who just felt totally weak and vulnerable. People treated me differently, I was ill a lot and felt I was no longer taken seriously or treated as a person of value in the workplace. I blamed my place of work and found a new job once mat leave ended.
Pregnancy with DC2 has been much the same, been ill a lot so far and again I feel as though I'm being treated like some kind of dainty flower, who can't handle things. I've had my workload reduced, told not to work on anything too intense. My emails arent being replied to as much and I feel unheard in meetings etc. I've no idea if it's me and that I just change when I'm pregnant and 'become' more sensitive and vulnerable or whether people treat me differently 'because' I'm pregnant. What are other people's thoughts? Has anyone noticed the same or similar?

Hannabee123 Thu 07-Dec-17 19:36:42

I had the opposite and was left to get on with things which quite frankly I shouldn't of and I wish that I would have my workplace back off.
I don't understand what you are asking. Enjoy having an easy life. If you feel as though it falls under any kind of discrimination talk to your employer / HR dept to get it sorted but it sounds like they are just trying to make your life easier!?

chocolateorangeowls Thu 07-Dec-17 19:47:17

I had similar adjustments made and I really appreciated it. They were very supportive and I felt able to prioritise my pregnancy over my work, which was brilliant after I had lost my first baby.

My friend had completely the opposite experience where her work expected her to continue on highly stressful projects even when she was signed off by the doctor.

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