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"period" and spotting early pregnancy

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kakes12 Thu 07-Dec-17 18:26:13


Hoping someone might be able to offer me some reassurance/share their experience - I'm feeling really anxious :-(

I got a bfp last week, just 4 days after the end of what I considered to be a normal period. (I only tested after becoming suspicious as an ovulation test came up very positive so early in my cycle!) That day it read 2-3 weeks, and early this week that reading had gone up to 3+.

Since then I've been spotting, usually light brown but sometimes darker. It's not much and there's no pain, though this morning it had more of a pinkish tinge first thing.

If I somehow conceived right before my "period" (and I've heard stranger things can happen!) I'd be about 5-6 weeks right now. Is spotting at this stage normal? Has anyone else had all this bleeding and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

The fact I have basically zero symptoms is also making me feel very bleak about the whole thing.

I'd be really grateful for any advice (I booked an early scan but it's not until week 8 and I'm not sure I can stand this being in limbo for another fortnight.)

Thanks x

CL1982 Fri 08-Dec-17 16:28:52

Hi Op - i'm not sure what to say but that i understand how you're feeling i'm sorry you're going through this experience. The only time i had something like this was after a 'period' when i did a test a week later as something wasn't right and it was a faint positive. But it was never as strong as a 3+ test (I think the digi picked up 1-2 weeks and then it faded out).

Can you get into your GP and ask to have a blood test done to see how much pregnancy hormone you have and if it's rising normally? They'll normally give you 2 tests a few days apart. It also might be worth pulling your scan forward to 6 weeks - you can usually see SOMETHING by then?

Where are you? Some EPUs have a walk in centre and they'll scan you there? I know Bath have one....? It's worth seeing if you're within an hour or two of one and popping in there. I live in Oxfordshire and wound up going to Bath one pregnancy....

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