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Help! High ALT and Gallbladder

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helloabii Thu 07-Dec-17 14:38:10

Hi all!

So I'm having a massive stress out recently. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and for the past three months have been suffering with bad gallbladder attacks.

I have no stones, apparently, just sludge. However, the attacks are becoming weekly and I get them even if I'm only eating veg. All fun and games.

To make matters worse, my ALT's keep rising and no one seems to be telling me why. As well as rising ALT's, they found protein in my urine this morning and I have a constant pain where my gallbladder is.

Just to clarify, I have no swollen ankles or hands and my blood pressure is normal.

Has anyone else had these problems? I'm going out of my mind wanting to know what's going on! On the plus side, baby girl is doing absolutely fine! grin

Thank you!

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