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suggested to have IVF

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bronwensia Thu 07-Dec-17 04:35:35

Dear all! Am new to these forums. Don’t know how to start and where to end. I am suggested to have IVF cycles of my pregnancy. And very much worried what's going on. Is it a good and safe procedure? What should I do? Should I need to have a second opinion? Which clinic should I select for my IVF treatment? I don’t want any risk. I really need some motivation and help you guys. Sorry for being so confused. Thanks in advance.

Blueroses99 Thu 07-Dec-17 05:05:03

There’s a wealth of information on the Infertility board: You could ask for this thread to be moved there.

In answer to your questions, yes it is a safe procedure but it can take a lot out of you emotionally and physically (and potentially financially too) so you need to be prepared.

A second opinion depends on the reasons for suggesting IVF. If there are test results that support the suggestion, then it may not be worth wasting time.

Choose a clinic in your area, have a look at the HFEA website as a starting point. Will you be eligible for any NHS cycles? Many (private) clinics have open evenings so you can ask questions, get a feel for the place, meet the teams etc.

If you want an overview of the IVF process, I can recommend Get A Life, a his and hers survival guide written by a couple that went through it themselves.

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