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20 week scan - date brought forward

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fia101 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:21:55

So had 20 week scan - all looking like it should after much anxiety.

At scan they said I was looking like April 18th and not 24th but she'd keep me at 24th.

I know it's only a week but i was 10 days overdue with last two and had to be induced. My friend was 14 days overdue before she was induced and heartbreakingly the baby had stopped moving at that point. She always said the baby was in too long and she should've been induced sooner.

I'm concerned about dates now i don't want any risk.

This happen to anyone else please?

Bue Thu 07-Dec-17 03:14:09

Scans are not very accurate for estimating gestation at this stage. In the first trimester the scan is accurate within 5 days but in the second trimester it is more like 10 days. That's why it is not good practice re-date pregnancies. I understand that you're worried but I would try not to stress about this.

Girlwiththearabstrap Thu 07-Dec-17 07:22:50

As above - during the first 14 weeks all babies grow at roughly the same rate but this varies during the second trimester and is why they don't redate. I know it's horrible hearing others devastating news but it doesn't mean the same will happen to you.

fia101 Thu 07-Dec-17 08:16:04

Thanks everyone x

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