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Excessive growth

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JuJu2017 Wed 06-Dec-17 12:12:24

Hi all, I'm finding the whole growth scan thing extremely confusing and not very comforting at all - every time I go there seems to be something new to worry about!

Scans at 24 and 28 weeks followed the same curve on my chart ( weighed plotted just under the 50th centile), but the 31 week scan seemed to jump up quite a bit (weight plotted ear the 90th centile). My scan at 34 weeks showed he weighed around 4.8 pounds and he was once again plotted in the 50th centile. The doc said she wasn't worried about the slow weight gain because she suspected the 31 week scan measurement was an anomaly because the plotting fitted in better with the curve of my chart from 24 and 28 weeks; even so, she arranged a repeat scan for 2 weeks and said he was suspected small for dates. Well, I had my 36 week scan yesterday and he now apparently weighs 6.10 pounds and is on the 90th centile line. The midwife said they usually only expect them to put on half a pound a week at the end so she wasn't sure about his excessive growth. The doc didn't seem concerned though and said it's always just an estimate and my chart doesn't really tell them much about baby's weight anyway because of how up and down it is!

Why would the baby pack on 2 pounds in 2 weeks - is this a normal thing to happen, despite what the midwife said about 1/2 pounds? Why are these scans done so often if they're only estimates?

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