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WWYD - baby measuring small but appointments sort of messed up

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BabyOrSanta Tue 05-Dec-17 13:23:24

I'll try and give all info - just wondering what you would do (phone the community midwife or not)?

35 weeks, community midwife appointment, baby measuring 31 weeks by tape measure, told midwife of 36 week appointment, she said they'll probably scan me so no point referring (mutually agreed between us as baby has measured small before for no apparent reason)

36 weeks, hospital appointment, they asked if there was a scan booked, I said no but they were insistent there should be, tried to get me one but they were jam packed so said would put an appointment in the post

38 weeks (next week) have an appointment on Tuesday for a scan and an added consultant appointment (which I wasn't expecting). Have a community midwife appointment booked for Wednesday.

Would you try and get the community midwife appointment moved to tomorrow?

My weeks were messed about because of a rogue appointment mid pregnancy as, otherwise, I was having a CM appointment then 4 weeks a hospital appointment then 4 weeks a CM appointment but it all went a bit wrong with various things.

TL;DR How big is my baby and should I worry?

cakesandphotos Tue 05-Dec-17 13:33:41

Not sure re baby sizes but I think (I could be wrong!) if you have to go for a growth scan, you automatically see the consultant to discuss the results and any possible follow up. I was measuring slightly behind at 28 weeks but my growth scan had baby bang on.
For me, having the consultant involved has affected where I’m able to give birth so it would be worth checking on that. Hope all goes well!

BabyOrSanta Tue 05-Dec-17 13:45:52

Thank you smile

I'm not overly overly worried about the baby. She's moving fine and being her general self (Mummy wants to sleep? I'm going to dance on her bladder!) but there's always the underlying "what if"...

Also, everyone's expecting me to have had this bloody scan but I've not had it. The reason the CM didn't refer me was mainly because of this scan.
I don't know if I said in the OP, I was measuring 31 at 35 weeks (on phone so can't check!).

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