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Irregular Cycle Length vs Not Ovulating

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missleahy Tue 05-Dec-17 10:34:20

Hi all

I came off the depot two years ago and am going through the standard freak out about not ovulating.
I've recorded my cycle lengths as:
Jan - 25
Feb - 29
March - 32
Apr 31
May - 29
June - 26
July - 32
Aug - 31
Sept 34
Oct - 33

As you can see they're really inconsistent and irregular in length.

All tests I do (I know, these can be inaccurate and unreliable) are showing no LH surge and have done for a while now. I've just migrated to use the Clear Blue Ov Monitor which is just constantly showing high with no peak (I've also read about the inconsistencies with this device too)

So although it might seem like I'm panicking for nothing, I am just starting to learn about my body and what it is and isn't doing.

Any advice?

SundayLunchHappy Tue 05-Dec-17 10:42:20

Am no expert but have been through ttc with v irregular cycles (I had only three periods in 2016). The good news from my perspective is that there aren't huge variations and there's no cycle longer than 35 days and to me they are hugely regular.

If you're concerned you can ask to have a blood test done, to determine one way or another if you're ovulating. I had to have these done repeatedly because no amount of basal temping or opk's were going to show an accurate result.

The week I found out I'd conceived I'd already convinced myself there was no trace of an LH surge at all that month.

Good luck! X

Justanewname Tue 05-Dec-17 11:00:38

My cycles were pretty irregular too, including one 46 day cycle the month before I conceived which was on our third month of trying.

Doctors don't tend to be worried about variation of a few days. Really short cycles or very infrequent cycles are more worrying. Yours wouldn't be considered irregular really.

missleahy Tue 05-Dec-17 12:15:32

Thank you both, that is reassuring.

I have had the blood tests that seem to indicate an LH surge and that I have ovulated. And although I know not to rely on the tests, the Clear Blue device, the basal temp and the opk's which can be unreliable, at the same time I am that kind of person that wants to track my ovulation and wants to know when my body is doing what! 'Planning' in family planning being the optimum word!

I have read also that the LH surge can be undetectable in the morning, best testing in the afternoon so I will try for that too.

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