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Uh-oh... Morning sickness has begun

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RockingLobstering Tue 05-Dec-17 09:13:47

With first DD I had morning sickness from the very start to the very end, all day, every day. It was horrid and left me so tired.
Now about 6/7 weeks, and the past few days have been rough.
Morning sickness has hit again.
Any new tips or tricks for getting through this?
I feel like I exhausted every option last time but I'll do anything for a bit of relief!

LittleBirdBlues Tue 05-Dec-17 09:33:39

Hi @rockinglobstering

I feel you. Mine kicked in a week ago (at around 6 weeks) and I am really struggling. This is my third pregnancy so a part of me was really hoping that this time it would be better. My sickness tends to last until about week 20-24 - it must be so daunting to think that yours might stick around until the end! Maybe you'll be luckier this time around?

The only things that "help" me (and not always) are:
- lying very still and not moving (as in, not even moving my head)
- eating frozen blueberries
- drinking sparkling water very slowly
- diluted apple juice and a cream cracker first thing in the morning

I am also finding that managing how much I eat and when I eat can make a difference. Sometimes it feels as though the only time I am not feeling sick is whilst eating - very odd. So I keep eating more and more. In the end, that makes it worse! So I'm trying (and often failing) to stick to smaller portions, more frequently. And keeping it quite bland. So no thai green curry (that was a mistake yesterday!).

I'm also trying to avoid rich food like sweets, ice cream, crisps - even though I sometimes have a craving for them, I know they'll make me worse.

Please share any ideas you might have. I'm off to the toilet sad

RockingLobstering Tue 05-Dec-17 10:26:07

Hey @littlebirdblues
The only thing that sort of worked for me last time was sipping lucozade first thing (I know- the caffeine is bad) and finding sea sickness bands had a mild effect. Needed to push down on them though.
I'm hoping this pregnancy is better- I really need to be at work for as long as possible!

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