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3.30am. Wide awake.. Again

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CinnamonAndSpice Tue 05-Dec-17 03:33:46

For some reason omni matters if I fell asleep at 7pm or 2am.. I wake just before 3.30am..fitted at least 2 hours.

I can't get comfy as such.. Not because of a huge bump or anything. It feels like my bed is on fire it's so hot. I go to the loo. I'm. Then cold. Get back in bed and then I am fidgeting so much I worry about disturbing dp which his job would put lives at risk if he had lack of sleep, and made a mistake through being absent minded.
So I come in lounge. I have been getting the spare quilt and staying the rest of the night on sofa but that makes me feel bad and I don't want to get in that habit.

My game plan is right now. To sit on sofa. No spare quilt just my dressing gown. Not lay down. Until I feel uncomfortable and a bit cold. Then crawl into bed and sleep like a baby lol
Any other tips be great
I. E anything I can take to make me dose off?

CinnamonAndSpice Tue 05-Dec-17 03:47:24

It doesn't seem to matter - god knows where the omni matters came from?

TheEdge266 Tue 05-Dec-17 03:58:26

No tips here but thought you should know someone else is awake with you. Mines because of the huge bump, painful hips and ear infection. I also feel hot in bed but cold out of bed. I've taken to leaving the window to the en suite open and hoping my room gets cold enough for me to want yo snuggle in my blanket

CinnamonAndSpice Tue 05-Dec-17 04:01:56

Great idea. The room itself is cool as never have heating in bedroom since pregnancy as give me a nose bleed lol.
I'm. Cold in lounge now gonna try and go back to bed.
Sorry to hear you have a bad ear not good on top of everything else. Hope it clears soon. Xx

LapinR0se Tue 05-Dec-17 04:02:33

37 weeks here and massive insomnia. This too will pass!

CinnamonAndSpice Tue 05-Dec-17 04:07:26

Ah I'm only 27 weeks.. Don't say that hahah x

Pennywhistle Tue 05-Dec-17 04:11:14

When I was pregnant my twins they woke me up at exactly the same time every night and I was then awake for about three hours and then went back to bed.

It’s easier if you stop being upset/annoyed/worried about it and just accept that this is your current “normal”. Go to bed earlier to try to fit in enough sleep.

I used to get up make a cuppa and read a book on the sofa until they stopped kicking at about 4am and then pop off back to bed.

No screens - the light will keep you awake.

By the way, after they were born their sleep patterns largely followed their sleep patterns in utero...

Leg88 Tue 05-Dec-17 04:14:13

36 weeks and have had trouble sleeping the whole way through! I usually awake sometime after 3 for about 2 hours until I fall asleep on the sofa then up between 6 and 7 for work.

I see nothing wrong with falling asleep on the sofa as long as I'm getting some sleep.

Some tips which have occasionally worked for me are...

Not eating dinner too late
No sweet stuff after dinner
A small snack in the middle of the night, it's apparently something to do with your blood sugar levels dropping which causes you to wake to protect yourself
Lush sleepy moisturiser

I think I'm awake today as dinner was chip shop at 8.30pm!

GorgonzolaForever Tue 05-Dec-17 04:58:22

Yep. Wide awake with what I have just googled and discovered is very common - late pregnancy nausea. Lovely. Just as I got my heartburn under control with Ranitidine as well. Luckily, just less than 4 weeks to go. I'm propped up on the sofa, accepting my fate, watching re runs of House Doctor on channel 5.

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