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Loneliness in pregnancy

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user1494270143 Mon 04-Dec-17 19:21:10

Hi all,

I’ve only got a few weeks left until my due date. I’ve been on maternity leave for a couple weeks and for the first week of it was really productive and settled, ticking away at my to do list.

As the weeks have gone I’ve felt myself becoming bored and a loss at what to do and have started to feel very lonely. To the point where when my mum comes home from work at the end of the day I cry because I actually have someone to speak to lol.

This pregnancy has been hard in a personal perspective as baby’s dad decided he didn’t want to be involved and moved away.... (a good 4-5 hours away too) but as the due date has got closer he’s got back in touch and wants some involvement. I find it very difficult to keep my cool with him as after everything he’s put me through with things that have happened behind closed doors whilst I’ve been pregnant he just expects me to be magically ok with him. He texts me asking how I am and I just reply with a fine thanks, even when I’m not because the trust has gone and I don’t feel like I can open up to him anymore.

I know as soon as I meet this baby that it will all be ok but these last weeks of hormones are driving me mad 😔

I’m just feeling abit down in the dumps and needed the rant really... I know I’m not ever alone with my baby kicking away in my belly and that brings me comfort.

readysetcake Mon 04-Dec-17 20:59:43

So sorry you are feeling this way. It sounds like things have been hard for you. The last few weeks are so hard without the added stress of your ex

readysetcake Mon 04-Dec-17 21:02:00

Sorry posted too soon. Was going to say are there any groups near you? In my area they used to run a bumps and babies group where pregnant women and those with babies up to 1 could go for a coffee and a chat. Maybe there is something similar near you that will get you out of the house and distract you. Big hugs for you flowers

Hannabee123 Mon 04-Dec-17 21:13:50

Just wanted to say I feel the same. I live in the countryside with my OH and my family are a few hours drive away and I don't really get on tons with his family so I sit on my own most of the days until he comes home from work and I feel so overwhelmed with having someone to talk to.
I've started going to councelling to help me with how I'm feeling and coping. Could this be a possibility for you too?
I find I just sit with my own thoughts getting wound up with anxiety so it really helps.
I'm sorry your feeling like this I wish there was something I could say. I'm going to spend some time after the birth going and getting involved in mum / baby clubs at the local sure start centre. Is there any centres nearby that you could look at for when you have the baby to help you socialise a little more to keep the cabin fever at bay?

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