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Labour signs ?!

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bunnyrabbit93 Mon 04-Dec-17 16:44:49

Hi all I'm 29weeks plus 6. Started labour at 36 plus 6 with my DD1 but had her at 37

On Saturday evening I got a few labour type pains in my lower back. It was like a mild cramp so I could deal with it. They each lasted 25-30s and stopped completely in about 20 mins

Sunday had the same thing happen but twice during the day. So once mid morning and one in the evening. Also DTD that afternoon and the evening cramps were more painful

Monday (today) - it has happened about 4 times and once had lots of mucus (sorry tmi ) called the midwife and they said it sounds like braxton hicks but to take it easy and call if they become consistent and make sure I have child care arrangements shock.

Anyway I know no one can say for sure but from personal experiences is this how anyone else's labour (premature / not ) start ?

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