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Faint Positive (First Response) and now unsure

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WhiteRose361 Mon 04-Dec-17 12:16:47

Hi all.

I started suffering a lot of early pregnancy symptoms in the last two weeks, and on the 27th November I had some unusual spotting and light bleeding. I took a First Response Pregnancy Test on the 1st Dec and got a faint positive. I worked out that I was around 4 weeks pregnant.

I have been doing First Response pregnancy tests every 48hrs and they seem to be showing more faint positives, but they are fading in darkness. I did a ClearBlue Early Response today (the 4th) and it has come back very faint, almost negative, although I am sure I’m still pregnant. I haven’t had any bleeding or cramps, and I’m worried that something might have happened. My doctor does not do blood tests to check for pregnancy. Can anyone advise?

Please note that I came off my pill 7weeks ago, and haven’t had any periods for two years, and hubby and I have been trying for a baby since I come off it.

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