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Morning Sickness

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GeekGirl751 Mon 04-Dec-17 07:39:53

Oh my god, when will this stop?! I'm 7+2 and have currently been suffering from MS for 2 weeks now; I've had enough of it already! I've tried ginger but it didn't work. My midwife then told me that apparently ginger won't work as you need a huge amount of it for it to be effective; she recommended eating right before bed and having a snack during the night if I wake up. I've tried both of these options but still no luck. Does anyone have anything that they have used with success? At the minute I'm having to work from home most of the time as it's too much of a struggle to get myself ready. I've actually been sick once, a couple of times I've puked up bile and every other time I just wretch because there's nothing to come up. I can't take much more of this envy

LMX0 Mon 04-Dec-17 08:00:28

@GeekGirl751 awww sorry to hear your suffering unfortunately ive no advice to give you altho ive read and im sure u have eating and drinking little and often can help and avoid spicy fatty or rich in diary foods all the best and i hope it eases for you soon!!

PJsAndProsecco Mon 04-Dec-17 09:03:31

It's hideous isn't it. I am now 11 weeks and finally, today I feel like myself again. Daring to hope it's settling now!! I have been feeling horrendous since 6 weeks pregnant. Had a few days off work and spent many evenings crying with sheer exhaustion and feeling like utter crap. I still feel a bit off in the evenings but the tiredness has gone somewhat and I'm not gagging at smells so much anymore. It's such a relief. You just have to ride it out; I felt awful with my first and this time has been just as hard but I knew it would end. It will end!! Just get through the day as best you can. I have found drinking ice cold drinks helped me too.

NannyGR Mon 04-Dec-17 09:05:55

I’ve still got it and I’m 17 weeks now 😩 although it is only every couple of days now though, am sick an awful lot though! The only think I’ve found to help is ginger and lime tea, seems to settle my tummy slightly, that and dry biscuits or crackers! If it gets real bad you can always speak to your midwife/doctor about medication, i haven’t yet as have just tried to rally through!

GeekGirl751 Mon 04-Dec-17 20:53:38

@LMX0 I've had to eat little and often as when I do have a big meal I feel awful afterwards.

@PJsAndProsecco I just want to sleep all the time! I've been going to bed really early and sleeping for 12 hours when I'm off work. As for smells, nothing seems to be bothering me at the minute. I've definitely noticed that my sense of smell has increased though. At least you're getting passed it now 😊 I will definitely try ice cold drinks too!

@NannyGR oh wow, I really feel for you 😔 I don't like tea so unfortunately it's not something I can really try at the minute. I'm open to trying dry biscuits and crackers though. I'm gonna try to ride it out as I don't really like the idea of taking medication when bump is so small; I'm just hoping it goes soon! My stepsister had MS for 5/6 months so she was quite similar to you; if I'm still suffering at that point I'll definitely speak to my midwife about it. I hate being sick 😔

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