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Early pregnancy and work stress

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LunaNightSky Sun 03-Dec-17 21:37:53

Hello smile

I just found out I'm pregnant and have been trying a while. Absolutely over the moon and in disbelief.
I work in an office and I covered for a post after someone left and trained a new manager to take over. They were there for 3 months and got really poorly with stress. They have been informed they must cover an another area due to staff shortages and the role will be less stressful in the interim for them.The team I'm covering for again used to have four full time members working on it to ensure people were seen within a set time frame. Again due to staff shortage they were sent elsewhere to cover and won't be coming back. I have a lady that works part time two days a week and she's great but doesn't deal with the complicated stuff like planning rotas, meetings, bookings, negotiating with other departments, complaints and management meetings.

I've been meeting with my manager to complain that the volume of work with the timeframe I need to meet isn't achievable unless I stay late. Everything is urgent no matter how well I prioritise. I try to crack on and get constantly interrupted by other members of staff wanting to chat or moan. Ive stayed late to try to get on top of stuff but now that I'm pregnant I just don't want to put my baby at risk. I'm absolutely exhausted, feel sick and can't do it anymore.

I plan to tell my manager tomorrow how I feel and that I need some help. When I've complained before they have acknowledged all of it but said they can't and won't do anything as there's not enough staff at present. I read that a Work place assessment for pregnancy must be done and if I bring this up should something be put in place for me? I don't want to run to my gp to get signed off but I need help.

Can anyone offer advice or been in a similar situation.

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