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Does the vomming ever stop?!

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MagicWinkle Sun 03-Dec-17 18:49:47

Looking for some encouraging tales. 24 weeks and sailed through the first 18 or so, now just grim burping leading to being sick ... a lot. The thing is, it’s not uniform so I can go for a couple of days fine, then it strikes, really unpredictable. Doesn’t seemed linked to particular food, tried eating slowly, avoiding fatty foods etc. Any suggestions please? Fed up of hanging over the toilet!

didsomeonesaywine Sun 03-Dec-17 19:11:40

Sorry I don’t have any magic solutions but bring lots of sympathy! I had awful vomiting until week 18...then none until week 28 and since then (I’m now at 36!)I have the same issue as you with burping/sickness! Yuck! Mine seems to be related to heartburn from hot drinks, spicy food and strong flavours. Have you tried Gaviscon or similar just incase it’s acid related?

MagicWinkle Sun 03-Dec-17 20:46:39

didsomeonesaywine sympathy comrade! It really is grim. I’ve just started on Peptac so now I can enjoy aniseed flavoured sick as part of the fun. Hope it stops again for you soon....

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