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Sleeping on belly at 26 weeks.

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CinnamonAndSpice Sun 03-Dec-17 00:20:27

So I've heard mixed this about belly sleeping. Some say sleep however comfy etc..
My belly isn't massive yet and I know I could Comfortably sleep on my belly... I haven't for weeks and weeks
On Google.. Altho an American site it says its OK as long as mum is comfortable as baby won't be uncomfortable by it as plenty of cushioning?
Just wondered if anyone has this far on or does?

AnonEvent Sun 03-Dec-17 00:25:27

I did, and even when I tried to lie on my left hand side (as per recommendations) I'd wake up on my front.

The one day (probably only just after 26 weeks) I just could/didn't want to, and didn't for the rest of my pregnancy.

Without sounding airy-fairy, I felt sure that if my subconscious sleepy brain would allow me to sleep on my front, and it was comfortable, then it wasn't doing any harm.

CinnamonAndSpice Sun 03-Dec-17 00:28:50

I haven't so I've forced myself not to.. Resulting in max 3 hours sleep a night.. Unless I moved to sofa and get maybe exhausted and I just know if I laid on my tummy I'd be soundo. But too scared.

MrsGB2225 Sun 03-Dec-17 00:30:40

I slept in a side/belly position the whole way through. Kept waking up that way.

AnonEvent Sun 03-Dec-17 00:35:16

Can you lie on your front, with one leg out straight and the other tucked up with your foot to your knee (like a flamingo)? Then your tucked up leg acts as a prop to stop you fully rolling into your belly.

CinnamonAndSpice Sun 03-Dec-17 00:38:08

That's a fab idea. Definitely will try that tonight when dp gets in from work. I dread going to bed as I know I'll be so restless. I'm. Knackered now but pain in every joint is putting me off and dp won't be home for an hour and can't sleep unless he's here. Lol

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