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Painful joints. One of those things or have I done something

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CinnamonAndSpice Sat 02-Dec-17 21:51:24

So yesterday I put my Dec's up.. Just a tree.. And done wrapping up. And cleaned floors. Nothing major, nothing strenuous at all. When I sat down I ached big time. But didnt think much of it

Have woke today I'm agony, my knees, shoulders, elbows ankles and wrists are killing me. Especially behind knees and legs. Even my shins at e hurting
Surley what I've done yesterday isn't classed as too much.. Only thing that's soothing is a hot bath.. Had 5 today as in so much pain. Just gonna have another but I know as soon as im out it will hurt.

Apart from. Paracetamol can I use anything else?

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