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Am I?!

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Sadie10753 Sat 02-Dec-17 01:42:11

Hello everyone. So basically today I am 12dpo. I have had the most erect nipples EVER!! (I've never had erect nipples... even in my first pregnancy I didn't have it) ... it's freaking me out! Took a test today and it was negative. For the past week I have been nauseas all the time, especially in the mornings, cramps in the woman area to the extreme, bloating like crazy and peeing soooo much, boobs have got saggy'ish, and crazy dreams, really vivid crazy dreams. Have to mention I NEVER get pms. Working it out I think I had sex on the day I ovulated; with no protection (stupid I know, forgive me!) any chance I could be pregnant??? Many thanks in advance xxx

Girlwiththearabstrap Sat 02-Dec-17 07:01:18

If you had unprotected sex then yes, of course there's a chance you could be pregnant. Wait a few days or so and test again. Symptom spotting doesn't really tell you any thing. Hope you get the result you want!

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