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4th Degree Tear - Elective C-Section - how much guidance did you get!

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InnocentBubbles Fri 01-Dec-17 16:23:36

I suffered a 4th degree tear the first time - I suspect mostly due to the crappy doctor and mismanagement I had (baby was born face up and whilst in surgery, the doctor came in "Ahh you probably didn't hear me, but I did tell you to stop pushing so I could cut you" - which is not true - as my husband nor mum heard her say this. I had the epidural too as initially they said they would do an emergency C section, but in the end they said the baby was ok. Baby was born with forceps. I was told by the midwifes that I could make a 'complaint' but really who has the time and mind to do that when you are dealing with a newborn the first time - in hindsight, I wish I did have the energy to do it!

My 'baby' is now over 6. I had an appointment with the consultant and he strongly said I should have an elective C-section - it was abit of a shock as I thought we would explore both options. But he said he usually doesn't advice to go for C-sections but in my case, he is.

I don't suffer anything too out of the ordinary now from most mothers....obviously sneezing and coughing are when symptoms are magnified...and sometimes when I need to go for a number2, I need to go quickly!

I wanted to speak to the consultant again before I confirm my decision - but he is impossible to get hold of and has not called me back. I spent most of the consultation crying! And obviously have done abit of research now....

Not sure what to do...think I need to go for the elective. But how much time did you guys get to decide? I am worried about post recovery and also bf the baby etc - as if it is not tough anyways.

Any advice!?

EgremontRusset Fri 01-Dec-17 16:26:52

Have you seen a women’s health physio about the sneezing symptoms etc?

LumpySpaceCow Fri 01-Dec-17 17:18:26

I haven't had a 4th degree tear but have had a traumatic vaginal birth and am about to have my 3rd ELCS (all breech!). My first ELCS was 5 years after my vaginal, and the recovery was a walk in the park compared to my vaginal birth. Breastfeeding fine, minimal pain that was well controlled with pain killers - it was a very empowering and healing experience.
If you are unsure about the doctor's advice then how about asking to see another consultant for a second opinion? Regards to timing, then an ELCS is usually booked at the 36 week appointment for around 39 weeks - but even on the day you could change your mind.

InnocentBubbles Mon 04-Dec-17 10:22:52

Hi - I did see a physio initially but with a new baby, I missed an appointment and got discharged and haven't seen anyone since.

The hospital are very unclear of their guidelines. The doctor said to book for the csection by calling in - and after trying to get hold of him for ages, I decided just to book it in just in case. Then I called last week and today and spoke to the midwife today, and said I would need another appointment in person with a consultant anyways to book the C-section in!! Why couldn't they tell me in the first place!

RosieCotton Mon 04-Dec-17 10:49:16

Hi hun. I had a 4th degree tear with my first too. Like you a mishandled birth. Everytime I sat down labour stopped, he was born back to back and weighed 9lb1oz. At 18 it was horrible. The midwife was pretty much fed up. I told her something was wrong, she told me to shut up and put energy into pushing. After 5 hours she gave my something to speed up my labour, which then resulted in me bleeding out, having to have emergency surgery, prolapse, I didn't see baby for 3 days, I was resussed twice and then afterwards was told "well if you had paid more attention this wouldn't of happened"

With my second I was told I was having a c section there had only been 2 years between them both so I was given zero information on a delivery after a 4th degree tear. I was told from 12 weeks I was having a c section. There was never any discussion about any other way to deliver. I don't regret my c section with my second because of fear. I think the stress would of killed me if they had said a c section.

I was told I had to have a c section because of the extent of the damage done, that the scar tissue doesn't react the same and it would most like lead to other complications if I tried for a natural birth. At 20 I had no idea what was happening, I agreed to the c section solely because of fear. As for the incontinence side of things. It's been 1w years for me and I'm still struggling. I'd say get to your doctor. It's not normal. I have to have surgery to correct my prolapse but they can put you back in touch with physio.

Good look hun xx

BendydickCuminsnatch Mon 04-Dec-17 10:55:03

Hello! I had a 3C tear 2.5 years ago and an ELCS 4 weeks ago. I wanted an ELCS before I even got pregnant, due to the tear (had a year of pelvic floor physio, incontinence etc), so may be a bit different. I was given a Birth Choices appointment where the lovely specialist midwife calculated the likelihood of me tearing again and having more damage. Due to various factors my chances of having another equally large tear were greater than they had been the first time. Maybe you'd benefit from this kind of appt?

Even at my booking appointment when I said I'd like a section, the midwife said it would be no problem.

LookingForwardToChristmas Mon 04-Dec-17 11:04:14

If you can’t get hold of your consultant, give your supervisor of midwives a call (the number will be online for your hospital) or drop PALS an email and ask them to help you.

Good luck with whatever option you decide to go for and I hope all goes well.

Boys123 Mon 04-Dec-17 11:29:22

I'm not sure about how your hospital operate. In mine you need to speak with the Consultant's secretary to make a request to meet the Consultant at your next antenatal appointment. Ask the Midwife what is the procedure in your area.

otherdoor Mon 04-Dec-17 11:34:08

It sounds like you aren't being given enough information. If they strongly recommend a c section fair enough but you need to understand why it may be the best option for you. If I were you I'd push for a second opinion with someone else, some good suggestions above but if in doubt try PALS.

fessmess Mon 04-Dec-17 11:41:18

OMG you poor women. I had a 4th degree tear, and was double incontinent for only a few months and then(apart from wind) have been completely normal in that department. THe first anyone mentioned the option of a c section for me was about two hours AFTER my second was born vaginally and after being induced. TBH if I'd have been given the option I still think I'd have gone for vaginal as I know people who found c section recovery difficult. I had a 2nd degree tear the second time, in a different place. No recurring incontinence problems. I do remember after the first birth walking around feeling like my innards were going to fall out. Horrible. I feel blessed that I've had no lasting problems.

InnocentBubbles Wed 06-Dec-17 13:56:00

I have my second consultation appointment next week - still confused. But glad I can speak to them again.

I asked a midwife at the hospital if she was able to look at my notes from last time and let me know...she said to speak to the consultant at my next appointment!

The thing is that despite having a fourth degree tear, I think I am ok. I don't suffer any different issues from some mums I know - i.e. when I have a really bad cold or sneezing fits - it has been totally worse during the pregnancy because of the pressure on the tummy I guess and I have suffered really dire coughing fits. Obviously post recovery wasn't great - I remember fibergel coming straight through me one time! But I was walking, showering etc. Maybe I have blurred it out! I think only through coming to the consultation with me, my husband realized the extent of my tearing!

I am worried about things like my milk coming through and omg those injections you have to give post caesarean! And recovery too - as we are an extended family living together but no other female in the house apart from my daughter!

RosieCotton Wed 06-Dec-17 14:02:29

I managed to breast feed both my c section babies, the cramps though were the killer. I'm positive you'll make the right choice for you but don't worry about your milk coming in. Honestly I fed my daughter for 5 months and son for 11months.

BigBaboonBum Wed 06-Dec-17 14:06:38

Jesus, you poor lady. I tore with my first and it was due to a mishandled birth. Perfectly healthy pregnancy etc, but went to LGI hospital and I wasn’t allowed to birth in the position I wanted and then was told to “just keep pushing” and that’s all the input she had. Afterwards I was left covered in blood and torn, legs wide open, for over an hour before anybody came to tell me what to do. I was just told to wait a minute.... it was horrible and I felt so low straight away, brought in terrible PND and I spiralled. However with my second it was a wonderful experience that fully healed me in every way, I knew what to expect (as much as you can) and I was older and more able to assert myself for my needs.

However you decide to do it, it doesn’t matter, it will be a healing experience for you given what happened last time! You need to figure out which would make you happier

BigBaboonBum Wed 06-Dec-17 14:08:22

And c section sounds absolutely awful for those who haven’t had one, yet I’ve not heard a c section horror story before! It’s usually a much more relaxed experience than we assume it will be by the sounds of it

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