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Passing clot...what to do?

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itshappening Fri 01-Dec-17 16:19:11

I am 8 weeks and have had ongoing spotting for a while, mostly brown or a bit reddish. I had a scan at a walk in epu and they said all fine and cannot see reason for discharge but to seek help if fresh blood etc.

Now just noticed that I have passed a clot, similar to heavy clotting you get in period. I am not yet booked in anywhere and at this time of day don't know who to contact or what to do?

flumpybear Fri 01-Dec-17 16:21:30

Hi try not to worry as this can happen for many reasons, the placenta vili albeit very small ‘invade’ the uterus wall and can cause pain as well as bleeding and clots will form sometimes I’m sure
Call the EPU for advice

Glitterandunicorns Fri 01-Dec-17 16:22:17

Sorry to hear that, OP. Could you phone your GP for an emergency appointment today? They can refer you to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit for a scan if necessary.
Hope you're ok. thanks

Chaosofcalm Fri 01-Dec-17 16:26:25

I am sorry that this is happening you can be referred for a scan and blood taken 48 hours apart. The blood results are more useful.

If you are miscarrying there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. flowers

itshappening Fri 01-Dec-17 20:49:22

Thank you for your responses. I rang the epu I had been to before and they said come in, they did not scan again but did a speculum exam and said that the cervix was closed, no signs of active miscarriage. I asked whether the presence of any blood meant a threatened miscarriage and they said technically yes, but just to wait and see. They advised me to ignore a bit a bleeding or even the odd random clot, because I have already had that and been examined, but if it becomes heavy like a period to go back to them.

Fishwifey Sat 02-Dec-17 06:49:09

Hi, this has happened to me in 2 of my pregnancies. I was scanned and they found a subchorionic haematoma. Basically a pool of blood forms(and clots) around the amniotic sac. I had several big bleeds from 7-18 weeks but baby was fine after each one. I never felt any pain with them either. If the bleed was only small(not a massive gush) then chances are the SCH will reabsorb. Good luck xx

ChocolateCakeandTeaPlease Sat 02-Dec-17 07:02:30

I had a subchorionic haematoma as well and it caused a lot of bleeding and some very large clots about 7-9 weeks. It was horrible at the time. The EPU were not interested until the clots were bigger than a 50p piece (they were) and the bleeding soaked through more than a pad every hour.

Fingers crossed it is nothing to worry about. It is terrifying at the time. We struggled to get to the EPU but had private scans at 8 and 9 weeks for reassurance flowers

itshappening Sat 02-Dec-17 21:38:39

Thank you, sorry to hear you have both gone through the stress too!
They said on the scan they couldn't see a haematoma but I expect that is not definitive. I have kind of accepted for now there is nothing I can do, have had a lot of brown discharge today but she said to expect that after the speculum exam. Cheers everyone, the advice on here is so helpful xx

itshappening Thu 07-Dec-17 20:43:55

It seemed to be getting a bit better and had no spotting for a bit then today began again including some definitely red bits. I am thinking about calling the epu tomorrow and seeing if they will relent on the scanning till 2 weeks thing, it will be 2 weeks on Tues and I just want to know what is happening. On the other hand, what is the point, I might as well be at home as waiting for hours in the epu where it is boiling.

1stTimeRounder Thu 07-Dec-17 21:03:36

@itshappening i know its difficult, but you might be right about juat waiting to see what's instead of sitting around EPU. I had this between weeks 8 and 10 and everything was fine (he's 6 months now!) I did get checked in a&e and then epu as I also had abdominal pain so thought it could be ectopic.

If you've no pain/not a lot of pain just wait a bit longer. As has been said if something is happening there's nothing anyone can do to stop it happening and if it's the same bleeding that's common in early pregnancy then it will stop eventually.

itshappening Fri 08-Dec-17 00:04:36

Thank you 1st, I think unless it gets much worse you are probably right.

itshappening Mon 18-Dec-17 23:49:39

Has been going on the same way...I had a scan today (10 +4) and they said that they can see a haematoma now. Otherwise things all look normal. So they said the spotting etc will probably continue for a while. She said it should re absorb itself hopefully. She also said shouldn't cause a big bleed, so to go to the hospital if get a big bleed. From your experience though Fishwifey and Chocolate it sounds like maybe a big bleed could be a thing with these haematomas.

Thanks again for the advice above, it really helps.

itshappening Tue 19-Dec-17 13:36:27

Just googled (I know!) and there seems to be a lot about people with subchorionic haematoma being advised to bed this correct does anyone know?

ClareB83 Tue 19-Dec-17 13:46:36

Advice really varies. I had two big bleeds and a big SCH 8cm x 4cm. I was advised to rest, not carry anything heavy and no sex for two weeks but not put on bed rest. However they implied that if I'd had another bleed they would have put me on bed rest.

Also I think the fact that my bleeds happened when I was doing nothing strenuous (sitting in car/standing on escalator) made them less inclined to suggest bed rest.

However I know other people have been put on bed rest.

I did rest and my bleed shrunk to 5cm x 4cm. Then I went about life normally and it shrunk some more 4cm x 1cm.

So I'm hoping it'll be all gone soon.

itshappening Tue 19-Dec-17 14:03:39

Thanks Clare. I hope it disappears soon for you. They didn't tell me how big it was, she did say she had seen bigger ones!

ClareB83 Tue 19-Dec-17 14:13:33

When it was considered 'large' it was about half the size of the babies and their sacs.

Now it's just a little dark blob in the corner and the babies are much bigger. Maybe a quarter of the size of one of their heads?

itshappening Tue 19-Dec-17 14:20:03

Twins! Congratulations 😊

ClareB83 Tue 19-Dec-17 15:07:41

Thanks! Was a bit of a shock, but excited now.

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