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Vivid horrible dreams! Help :(

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fairyxxwings Fri 01-Dec-17 03:01:03

Hi everyone!

So i have a 15 month old daughter, honestly like most mothers, i love my daughter to peices, my little rock and id obviously protect her with my life!

Im also 14 weeks pregnant, with this comes vivid nightmares! I knew i would as i did when i was pregnant with my LG. However its taken a turn for the worse! The worse possible nightmares i could possibly get.. im getting them!

Tonight ive been asleep and woken up to dreaming of us as a family being chased by zombies? (I know!) but she gets snatched and eaten infront of me and im left with a baby strapped on my front and i dont know weather to dive in and die with her or run and protect my other baby (the one im pregnant with) from harm.
Last night i dremt that we had to put her down and i was sobbing my heart out and was made to feel its the right choice? I woke up histerical!!!

I dont know what to do, im not sleeping! Or when i do i wake up crying and lay next to her cot and watch her sleep for 3 hours!

Is this normal? Is this an underlying fear of being a mother to two? Am i a terrible mother? I cant help what i dream about but its eating me up inside! I surely cant be the only one sad what do i do ladies? Xxx

beingsunny Fri 01-Dec-17 03:10:35

I had the same thing, it's usually my first pregnancy symptom!

Try 15 minutes meditation before bed to relax, not too much cheese or chocolate either grin

fairyxxwings Fri 01-Dec-17 03:18:50

Thankyou so much!!! Just that alone has helped! How do you meditate? Xx

Guineapiggiesmalls Fri 01-Dec-17 05:48:14

Same here, I have the most hideous vivid dreams and then really struggle to get back to sleep. Probably why I’m here at 5:45am...! Try YouTubing Andrew Johnson - he does a lot of relaxation videos that are really good (I’ve had them recommended to me by a few different people, and find they help).

Milliemoo37 Fri 01-Dec-17 06:15:03

I had horrible, horrible vivid dreams when I was pregnant with DS. Don't worry as they did t last long at all, I think I had about 3 really horrible ones at the beginning of my pregnancy, where I'd wake up screaming or panicking and it would really affect me.

beingsunny Sun 03-Dec-17 22:01:34

Sorry, I use guided meditation, opera and Deepak’s choirs do a 30 day program which is 15 mins a day which is great.
I will listen to it when I wake up early or pop out to the park at lunchtime

Loosemoose28 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:37:17

Are you planning to hypnobirth?

I am still having horrible nightmares at 20 weeks. I have started listening to some hypnobirthing scripts (Catherine Graves ones).

I think its helping. Still having weird dreams but nothing where I wanna wake up from or cry in my sleep. Many of them are miscarriage related and I have to go to the loo and check my knickers when I wake up to check for bleeding.

fairyxxwings Sun 03-Dec-17 23:20:08

Ive never heard of hypnobirthing hun! What is the actual definition of it? Im confused?
And that makes me sad for you! I get it sad ive had 7 miscarriages and i get frights even in the day! Its awful what our minds do to us! 😢
And thankyou also for the advice on the opras and things, il definitely look into it xxx

fairyxxwings Sun 03-Dec-17 23:20:48

And thankyou milliemoo! X

fairyxxwings Sun 03-Dec-17 23:21:30

Also thankyou guinea! Will try this out! Im taking all i can get! Xxx

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