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Not feeling like a mum to be

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Becky0490 Fri 01-Dec-17 02:05:06

Hey all, I'm pregnant with my first baby and although my partner and I haven't been together that long we want our baby. I know I want to keep our baby and I know I would be devestated if I lost it but I don't feel as excited or enthusiastic about it as other people I know were. If anything I'm just numb to it all and don't know how to feel. Any advice or mums with similar experiences? X

twinone Fri 01-Dec-17 02:14:06

How far along are you?
40 weeks is a long time to be permanently excited.
I was quite ambivalent about being pregnant and it only seemed real towards the end.

DoubleHelix79 Fri 01-Dec-17 02:28:22

Same here - I mainly felt fat and tired until DD started kicking quite strongly. Even then I wasn't hugely excited, just glad she was doing well. I bonded absolutely fine with her once she was born, so don't think you need to worry.

Battleax Fri 01-Dec-17 02:30:17

Yes I was the similar with my first. It all felt very "theoretical" and surreal until I finally held him, IYSWIM? Just all a bit of a daze. Everything was fine once he turned up.

That was a "surprise" pregnancy too, in circumstances not quite ideal.

Not bonding with the baby (or grasping the reality of it all) until after birth is very common, I've realised subsequently.

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