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Is it bad that I feel I could sleep all afternoon?

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YummyMummy247 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:04:32


I'm 16+ 3 weeks pregnant and I'm still so tired... Seen the midwife today and all blood tests have come back fine. Also said I'm low risk.

I think I'm tired as been up so early (5.45) this morning to be in work for 7.00 so really felt it this afternoon and had to go to bed for a bit. I do work mornings but that's the earliest I've ever had to be in for..

I also have a 4 year old little girl so she is always full of energy. Maybe you don't get much of a break second time round... Thought I'd have loads of energy by now since I'm in my second trimester. With that said this pregnancy is completely different this time round so who knows!! smile

CL1982 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:07:53

Nope. Headed into the third trimester and i can just about join you right now! I think it's normal. There did seem to be a brief window in the second trimester when i WASN'T tired all the time though of that helps?

Just mega take it easy!

GreatDuckCookery Thu 30-Nov-17 15:09:18

Is your DD at school? If so I’d definitely be having a sleep in the afternoon if I were you. If she’s not then it’s ok to put your feet up and rest whilst she plays nearby. I’ve never been so tired when I was pregnant so fully understand where you’re coming from.

YummyMummy247 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:14:17

Thanks @CL1982 that makes me feel a bit better. I feel more tired this time round than last time... I think.hmm
Gosh if I'm not waking up at 3.00am every morning to go the toilet I wake up two hours before the alarm is about to go off. Do so anoying.angry

Last night I was conscious and had a light sleep most of the night as had a nose bleed for the first time.. It's like one thing after another..
Don't care as long as baby is ok but it's just super annoying .

YummyMummy247 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:18:26

Just seen your comment @GreatDuckCookery she isn't but attends nursery so been having little cat naps of an afternoon only thing is I feel like I have no energy to get back up! sad
Hoping to find this energy soon as going to need it with the run up to Christmas lurking about!!! 🙈 xx

CL1982 Fri 01-Dec-17 09:45:11


I find I am either 100% totally find or 100% shattered!!! As we're doing up our house I don't have much spare time to crash so I'm just sort of plugging myself onwards. Very tired though and just grab the crashing when I can!

dkb15164 Fri 01-Dec-17 22:57:28

Is it possible to get a relative, friend or your partner to take DD out for a bit at the weekend to allow you to rest up with a nap in the afternoon? Or even just take a bath and relax for a little bit. I'm currently at 20w5d and I was still feeling exhausted up to 18 weeks this despite having very little morning sickness symptoms. Hope you feel better soon Mumsnet is rooting for you x

YummyMummy247 Fri 01-Dec-17 23:08:57

@dkb15164 thank you!

Yes my husband and mum are the best they help out when they can which is just great!
Hoping I start to regain some energy soon. To think I want to work right up until the baby is due. 🙈 From what I can remember the tiredness is so much worse in the last trimester as well. God help me!! Ha ha well I will be trying my hardest! Thank you again xx

pallisers Fri 01-Dec-17 23:19:44

At that point in my first pregnancy I used to go into the toilets at work, put down the lid, and sleep for 10 mins with my head against the wall (they were nice toilets but I don't think that would have mattered to me). It is overwhelming.

I also became obsessed with the idea that all men should give their seats on trains to all women on the off-chance they might be in early pregnancy - I have never known exhaustion like it (as it happened even 9 months pregnant only women would offer me a seat and a young man once raced me for the last seat, sat in it and looked at me standing there almost about to deliver)

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